Hi Guys! I can’t believe that we’ve completed the 2018 and its 2019 already. Can I still greet everyone a Happy New Year? We’re almost halfway January, hooray for that! As we welcome 2019, we’re also considering that we want to change something in our lives it’s either, your lifestyle, goals in life, your faith or even your hairstyle.

I know this is very uncommon for others, but have you ever thought of changing your social media feed? Well if you ask me, I just did recently with my Instagram account. It made me decide when I bumped in to someone else’s feed and I felt instant envious of how beautiful her gallery is. It is visually appealing; more likely, you’ll immediately hit the follow button. As a blogger, one of my goal this 2019 is to gain more followers. I think that having a themed feed is just one of the strategies to increase your followers.

I purposely write this entry for me to share you some tips on how to achieve a Themed Instagram Feed because I am feeling extra happy on how my IG gallery came up with.

1. CHOOSE A THEME. First and the most important thing to consider. Your chosen theme is what your Instagram feed will look overall. This will reflect your personality. It can be grunge, boho, girly, minimal, dark or white. I’ve chosen black and white as a theme. I want my feed to be at least simple and minimal.


2. GET INSPIRATION. I usually get ideas from Pinterest and to bloggers I am following. But when it comes with my own idea, I ask myself what photo I would love to take. I am more in to fashion, food and photography.

From Pinterest

3. TAKING PHOTO. Once you’ve chosen a theme and getting some inspiration, it’ll be easy for you to take photo. But make sure to be picky. If it’s blurry and grainy, ditch it and take another photo until you get a clear shot. It will be also A+ if you have a beautiful subject.

Me taking photo of my new shoes 😁

4. STICK WITH ONE FILTER. Using filter can make your photo looks prettier. There are so many apps you can use out there. And the most popular of all is VSCO(tell me if I am wrong). You can play it around until you get satisfied of what filter you like and stick with it. Using the same filter all the time can keep the same vibe in your feed. And of course, the filter now I am using all the time is black and white.

Editing using VSCO

5. BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN. The key in achieving all these tips is to be creative and having fun of what you’re doing. To be honest, it’s a challenge for me to maintain my themed feed and need to exert some efforts but I am enjoying it. When I look at my IG gallery, I am falling in love with it.

My Instagram Feed


For those who are planning to achieve a themed Instagram feed, my simple tips are up there and I hope that I helped you out here on how to be consistent with your feed. If you have done the same, feel free to leave your IG profile account link so I can check it out and let us follow each other.


PROJECT 1 of 52: After the Rain

My first week was really a challenge. I was originally planning to take photo of the sunrise but the weather here in Port Moresby is not cooperating. We’re experiencing heavy rain since Wednesday because of the cyclone formed to the south of Moresby. Praying for all our safety especially to the local residents of POM who’s living near the beach.

Here’s my first entry for Project 52 which I captured from our backyard just when the rain stops pouring.

Photo Captured: January 05, 2019 by Fujifilm X-A3


Finally, I can practice my photography skills ‘coz I have my camera with me now(just in case you missed my previous post, click here for the recap). My boyfriend sent it all the way from Philippines to Papua New Guinea just right before the year started. How sweet 😍

I am not doing a review here ‘coz I am not good at it, lol. Honestly, I’m still figuring out all the camera modes, settings and learning the basics like aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc. I just blog because I want to officially tell all my readers that I am joining the 52 week photo challenge aka Project 52.

Last week right after receiving the camera, I started taking photos. So how did I go? Here’s a sneak:

Hoping for my luck to complete all the 52 photos(crossing my fingers). Will do a separate post for my week 1 photo.

That’s all for now. Bye.


From the day I started loving photography(in 2008), I’ve always wanted to have camera. A camera that I can say “my own”. But that time, I was a young dumb and broke who was just starting to face the real world. My salary is not enough, so I can’t afford to buy camera nor the latest gadget because I have priorities and bills bills bills to pay(lol). That is when I promised myself that as soon I get a decent job, I’ll invest for a camera.

After 5 years of working abroad, I’ve finally saved up money to reward myself a camera. It took months for me to decide which camera I am going to buy. I was originally eyeing for a Canon DSLR but when I checked thru website, it’s quite expensive.

Change of plans, I have to switch with my second choice which is the Fujifilm X-A3. And guess what, I end up buying it.

Here it is:

Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera in Pink

The Fujifilm X-A3 is an inexpensive 24 Megapixel mirrorless camera with a classic rangefinder design perfect for beginners and social shooters, with its flip-up, selfie-friendly LCD.

I got my camera from Photoline SM City Rosario. And surprisingly, it comes with freebies and I got Php 1,200 worth of discount. YAY!

Freebies include camera bag, extra battery, SD card and a tripod that will make you feel like you’re a pro.

And hey, look how I dressed up my camera by putting these Minnie Mouse themed accessories.

Camera Strap, Lens Circle, Anti-loss rope & Shoe Cover

Isn’t cute? I got them from Lazada.

I was euphoric that I’ve finally fulfilled my-10-year-old promise to myself. I have camera that I can finally say “my own”. I can now take decent photos for my blog and I can use this for vlog too(why not? hihihi).

I am indeed excited to take photos for my upcoming vacation and I am sure that my next post will be flooded by adventures(stay tuned). Also, I cannot wait to start my Project 52 2019. I hope that I’ll succeed this time ‘cause I failed the Project 365, lol.

That’s all for now.





I have to admit that I left my beloved blog in the shadows of neglect. I am bugged with guilt when I suddenly felt not to care about it.

Will my readers even give a crap if they see my post pop into their dashboard? Probably not. They’ve probably forgotten about me just like how I’ve forgotten my blog.

I am posting this to apologize to my blog and to my readers as well. And I know it’s not too late for my blogging dream so I am hoping that I can come back on writing the #soonest.




Deal All,

I know it’s quite a while since my last update here on blog. I missed a lot in here. I am writing today just to let you all know that I will be coming back very soon(I hope so). And to those who think that I’m gone forever and neglected my blog, I am telling you this, I AM NOT. I am just busy with my personal life and I couldn’t find spare time, also, lack of inspiration, lol. But this doesn’t mean that I am quitting. To quit is only for losers, hahahaha. I am just on a blogging hiatus because I only have limited use of internet and it will be long story if I tell you why. But I am praying that all will be sorted out ASAP.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me email at or we can follow each other on Instagram @lingoongeung




This is not paid content. Rest assured, everything I am writing here is purely my honest opinion and based on my own experience.

Hi Guys! I am blogging again. I am trying as much as I could to post often, and it is very unusual for me. It is hard you know, especially that I am a full time worker, to find spare time and share you all what I have in my mind – and I am telling you that it’s a loooooot.

As I mention “unusual”, it relates to my post today. I guess that you’ve read on top what it is. YES, it’s a product review. It is very uncommon for me and  I’ve never done any product review before. What makes me decide to write this is I want to give a feedback on this product. So let’s start.

If you’re looking for a blush that creates a naturally pinky cheeks, try this Sophie Magic Pink Cream. I also recommend this to make up starters especially when you’re on a budget. A 10ml tube only cost Php 120 and will last till 3-4 months as per my usage.

Wanna know why it’s magic?

If you squeeze the tube, a white cream will come out and when you start blending it, after 30 seconds, it magically turns to pink. So make sure to put only small amount when applying it ’cause at first you’ll think that it’s only white cream without knowing that you’ve put a lot on your cheeks(it happened to me, hahaha).

Use your finger tips and spread it evenly or else it will leave you pink mark- like a clown or your face may look like you got slapped by someone, hehe.


When applied to my cheeks


  • Gives you natural pinky cheeks
  • Easy to apply
  • Not pricey


  • It comes only in one shade
  • Only available at Sophie Paris Direct Seller/Authorize Dealer

Well, if you ask me if I am still going to purchase it, I’ll definitely say YES. It is very affordable and it’ll stay up to 12 hrs. Perfect also if you want that No Makeup makeup look ☺️

So there you go guys. If you have any questions, you can always freely ask in the comment box section. Hope you enjoy reading today’s post. Byeeeeeee


👸🏻 Lin