This post here 4 years ago reminds me that I’ve once told myself that vlogging isn’t for me. I failed….but I’ve never said that I am giving up, so I tried for the nth time 😛

I had this chance to film last Friday because it’s PNG’s Remembrance Day and thought of having more time to edit because it’s long weekend, yey!

But Vlogging isn’t a joke, it’s really a hard-work and you need to put a lot of effort: from thinking of what will be your content, to filming, to transferring the file/video from your camera to your phone/laptop, to editing, to exporting and to uploading it to YT. Wheeew 😪

I was wrong when I thought that I can upload the video same day right after the editing. It took me 5 hrs to edit, 8 hrs of exporting and 24hrs to upload my 30 min video to YT. Patience is really a virtue. I am not being exxag here, but it really took a day to finally finish the uploading(maybe it’s because of our internet connection too).

I was pleased… that finally I have my own channel and officially labeled myself as vlogger, lol. My 1st vlog came out not as I expected, not bad for a first timer ☺️ Maybe I only have to work on with the transitions and effects.

To all my blogger friends/followers out there, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to watch my very first vlog 🥰 Please do not forget to like, subscribe and hit the bell button to get notified.

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