Guess who turned 4 last week(Sept 2)? It’s my blog(party poppers). It was actually 4 years of moving here in WordPress and shame on me of forgetting about it, because I have memory like Dory, lol. I was only reminded when a notification popped in to the bell button at the upper right corner of my dashboard. I got busy with work and with my personal life – and that will be on a separate post(s).

I am not doing a lengthy post here, I just dropped by to say that “Hey, I am still alive and kicking”, lol. But seriously, I want to raise a toast to my blog for making it to FOUR YEARS. I know in myself that I’ll continue to pursue my passion for writing. Cheers!



PS: How do you like the calendar above I made?



When we found out that my sister is pregnant, I was the first one who got really disappointed. I did not even talk to her for a week. Disappointed kasi I want to bring her over here in Papua New Guinea to work and plan a better future for her. I even cried(O.A. ko ba?) Nangyari na, so wala na akong magagawa but to accept it and just turn my disappointments into prayer.

June 6, 2018 when my sister gave birth via CS to a healthy baby boy. She named her son Ryle Austin. Of course, our family were all excited to see him. Lalo na ako, kasi magiging official TiNang(Tita + Ninang) na ako.

Austin’s First Photo

Few hours later after the successful delivery, my Aunt sent me a message: “May problema yung baby”. Austin has a condition called Microtia. I googled about this and found out that it is a congenital deformity where external ear is underdeveloped. A rare condition that occurs every 1 in 8000-10,000 births.

I don’t know what to feel about it. And what about how my sister feels? I cried because of fear of what lies ahead can crush our hearts. It came to the point that I questioned God why? This and other thoughts shook my faith. But who am I to ask God?

I closed my eyes and prayed. I thanked God for giving Austin to us. I knew that Austin belongs to God and loved him before we knew him. I prayed for my sister and her husband, gave them strength to accept God’s gift to them. Others may see Austin as imperfect but God made him perfect….. very special.

We all know God gave us Austin with His own purpose with a special mission, and we will trust Him “For He knows all the plans He has for us, plans to prosper and not to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11).

Today, I want to thank God again because Austin just turned 1. How time flies. Thank you to all our family and friends who held our hands. We really appreciate how you showed love to this little man, our SuperHEARo despite of his imperfections. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN, TiNang Lin will always love you 💛


Getting a permanent tattoo was my ultimate dream. After years and years of discouragement from random people, wishing and planning to get it, finally my dream turned into reality. I got inked and had it done last 15th of February 2019 when I was in Philippines for my vacation – this is really a dream come true and I want more, lol.

So how’s my first tattoo experience?

Took snap of my tattoo artist while waiting patiently to get the design

Meet my artist Dic, you can check him out here


My cousin was trying to discourage and scare me that it is gonna be painful. But it didn’t stop me from getting it done. Hello, I already had my tongue pierced when I was 19 and the pain was tolerable, duh 🙄

I felt every poked of the needle and I was expecting for a pain or even say “ouch” but it didn’t hurt at least a little. Maybe I’m numb? Or maybe I am more excited than getting hurt? I guess I did good as first timer. I handled it well.

How my tattoo came up with?

Sagittarius. My astrological sign. The Archer, a warrior.

I was supposed to get a black cat on my left arm, but it’s too big. I wasn’t ready yet to shock my family and friends by getting a huge tattoo haha. So I’ve decided to take it slow and get a small tattoo on my right wrist instead.

Well thanks that I have supportive family and boyfriend. They allow me to do things that I wanted to do. ‘Cause you know YOLO. And to my cousins also who’s cheering for me while getting inked, hahaha.


If you’re looking for a tattoo artist and if you’re in Cavite especially residing within General Trias, you definitely check out Dicox Tattoo(link is up there).


If you think that I am going to be spoiler here, I AM NOT. I don’t want to be an a**. Thanos demands my silence, hahaha. I just can’t get over with the movie. I still have that hang over and I want to watch it all over again.

Got to see Avengers Endgame last week with my cousin Jerr at Paradise Cinemas Vision City Port Moresby. And since we do not want to miss the advance screening, we paid the ticket for K98=Php 1,500 😱😱

Me and Jerr wearing our MCU merch

Wanna know why the ticket is too expensive?

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

It comes with unlimited food: popcorn, pizza, chicken nuggets, sandwich, sausage, waffle and drink 😋

I didn’t regret paying K98 not because of the unlimited food but because the movie is all worth it. It’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You’ll laugh and then you’ll cry. I am sure that I am going to miss The Avengers 😭

I love you 3000

PS: You must watch all MCU movies before watching Avengers Endgame. Click here for the movie sequence.


There’s no sweetest place like home…

Home is where you get to eat your favorite foodies

Dinner with my Family at Lago de Dalahican-Robinson’s GenTri

Having coffee and slice of Chocolate Truffles at Starbucks- Robinson’s GenTri

Sissy and I’s choice of plate at Maxx’s Restaurant Robinson’s GenTri

Me and Mark’s typical Filipino Breakfast: Spagetti, Pancit Palabok, Pan de Sal and Coffee

Having Mango-Graham-Float while waiting for the next bus at PITX


Pika-pika foods

Homemade Nachos

Fishball, Kikiam and Dream Cake

Flying Saucer

My favorite Pan de Corned Beef at Starbucks

Fresh Buko Juice from Manong Magbubuko


Home is where you get to spend time with your family

Lunch out with my sissy at Maxx’s Restaurant before getting pampered

I craved for Greenwich Pizza and Lasagna so……

Taking care of my nephew/inaanak Austin

Girls Day Out – with Sissy and Dianara

Lunch out with Mommy Marie at Chowking Robinson’s GenTri

Chowking the second time around – with my Nanay, Sissy and Austin

With my Favorite Ninang/Tita in the world

Coffee break after makapag-grocery si Nanay

Visited Departed love ones

Nanay Emma and Tatay Che(Mark’s Lolo and Lola)

My Dad, my lolo and lola(father’s side)

Tatay Tano and Auntie Myr(mother’s side)

and celebrate special occasions too

Austin’s 8th Month


Surprised Nanay on Valentine’s Day

Nanay’s 50th Birthday and Austin’s 9th Month

Home is where you get to spend time with your friends

With my High School Friends during Cindy and Bobby’s Wedding Day

Getting Drunk with the barkadas

To this girl na hindi pumayag na di ako makita despite of her busy schedule, Macle


Home is where you get twinning with your sister


Home is where you get to watch movies with your sibs

After seeing Captain Marvel at Robinson’s MovieWorld


Home is where you get to cuddle and bully your boyfriend

At Tagaytay City Prime Residences

Shopping at Divisoria with our haggard faces

Last picture together after going back to PNG



And I miss HOME…..


All photos were taken during my PI Vacation 2019. To my cousins, Te Lish, Reyn, Chie, Bowa, Dhie, To tita Ayit, Mama Lerz, to other relatives and to Mark’s family, thank you all for spending your time with me. You all know who you are. 6 weeks is so bitin but still I got to bond with you guys(wala nga lang picture) And to my friends that I didn’t spend time with, we still have next time. I just got busy with other important things to do.

See you all on my next vacation ☺️




PROJECT 3 of 52: “Light Painting of a Beginner

Almost 3 hours black out in our place and my phone is battery drained. So instead of just waiting for the power to be restored, a brilliant idea popped in my mind: “how about practicing light painting?”. So I set up my camera to “shutter speed” mode and set as S.S 10″, F3.6, ISO 200 and adjusted the color.

So how did my photo come up?

Photo Captured: January 17, 2019 by Fujifilm X-A3

Not really good but not bad for a beginner, hehehe. Hopefully, I can master this light painting so I can share you some tips on my next post.

Kbye 😁

PROJECT 2 of 52: “Paper Boat”

This one is a late post but just in case you want to be updated with my 52 Week Photo Challenge, you can check them out here.

I came up with the idea of using fairy lights to practice “bokeh photography”. I am still in the process of playing and figuring out the perfect camera settings.

Here’s my 2nd week photo:

Photo Captured: January 12, 2019 by Fujifilm X-A3