December 06, 2021

Dear Self,

As you turned another year older, I know your journey to this day has been very exciting and challenging so far. You had some great and tough times but I want to let you know that you have done well.

It doesn’t always work out the way you hope and dream but I guarantee you that there’s always God’s perfect timing and willing, just trust His plans. Believe it or not, He is preparing something for you.

Life can be a bumpy road sometimes but let me remind you that the obstacles you have gone through were just part of God’s molding process to become strong & better version of yourself.

Know also that you were sorrounded by amazing people which God brought to your life to bring so much joy and happiness.

God is truly amazing on what He has done to your life in the past years. Just continue to walk with Him and allow Him to use you.

Let me raise a glass and give a toast 🥂 for another year.


My Birthday Vlog is also uploaded on my youtube channel. Click below to watch

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