Getting a permanent tattoo was my ultimate dream. After years and years of discouragement from random people, wishing and planning to get it, finally my dream turned into reality. I got inked and had it done last 15th of February 2019 when I was in Philippines for my vacation – this is really a dream come true and I want more, lol.

So how’s my first tattoo experience?

Took snap of my tattoo artist while waiting patiently to get the design

Meet my artist Dic, you can check him out here


My cousin was trying to discourage and scare me that it is gonna be painful. But it didn’t stop me from getting it done. Hello, I already had my tongue pierced when I was 19 and the pain was tolerable, duh πŸ™„

I felt every poked of the needle and I was expecting for a pain or even say “ouch” but it didn’t hurt at least a little. Maybe I’m numb? Or maybe I am more excited than getting hurt? I guess I did good as first timer. I handled it well.

How my tattoo came up with?

Sagittarius. My astrological sign. The Archer, a warrior.

I was supposed to get a black cat on my left arm, but it’s too big. I wasn’t ready yet to shock my family and friends by getting a huge tattoo haha. So I’ve decided to take it slow and get a small tattoo on my right wrist instead.

Well thanks that I have supportive family and boyfriend. They allow me to do things that I wanted to do. ‘Cause you know YOLO. And to my cousins also who’s cheering for me while getting inked, hahaha.


If you’re looking for a tattoo artist and if you’re in Cavite especially residing within General Trias, you definitely check out Dicox Tattoo(link is up there).