I don’t want to be my old self again when I’ve forgotten the Guy above because of my wrath. I am afraid of myself being out of control again with my emotion. Although, I prayed to Him to give me wisdom and strength before I bent out of shape, I failed Him. I had this regret, “hindi ko na lang sana pinatulan”. I tried to deny the monster in me, but I couldn’t help it. Pinili kong manahimik at umiwas sa lahat ng naririnig ko, ’cause I know that it is the right thing to do. Pero paano kung mapuno ako sa katahimikan ko?

I know my friends out there know what I am talking about here. I’ve reached my boiling point yesterday because someone messaged me on Facebook using my ex boyfriend’s identity. I stop communicating with him for a long time. We’ve been together for how many years so I know that it’s not him. I said to stop messaging me but she didn’t. I know from the start who it is. There’s only one person that I know who will do this. I am not stupid, I know how to play this game. The fake account still keeps on sending me message, asking for the email address and password of the old FB Account that me and my ex boyfriend using when we’re still in the relationshipshit. How annoyingly that she’s forcing me to do so. To tell you honestly, after the break up with my ex, I did not bother to log in to that account, EVER AGAIN. I’ve forgotten everything so how could I? I keep on telling her off to stop pestering me but she keeps on asking the same question all over again and started saying things about me. I ask the fake account, “why were you asking?” and she said that she wanted to deactivate the account so people in their lives won’t be able to see it and they already have new chapter in their lives. And because of that account, they’re always arguing. Well who cares? I am much more cared about how me and my family gonna survive everyday, what clothes I am goin’ to wear, and how I am going to feed my cats. Are you serious with what you’re calling new chapter? If you have new chapter then you shouldn’t be get affected with the past, you shouldn’t be bother with an old account. You even accused me of ruining your relationship and my ex wasted how many years being with me. Do you really know what you’re talking about? In my entire life, I’ve NEVER think of getting involved with someone else’s relationship. In fact, I am more use to being cheated rather than being a mistress. Wasted my ex’s years of his life? How can you say that if I am the one who got fooled and being played with? You only know us but not our story. I was breathing in and out to calm myself. How much I tried not to say bad things and nasty words but I did. She ended up her message by saying GOD BLESS to me and I ended up our conversation by saying GOD BLESS YOU TOO FOR WHAT YOU’RE DOING. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”.

I know my ex is kinda bastard and a cheater but he never showed any disrespect even though we broke up. So I am sure that he’s not behind this. To YOU, you know and I know what you’re doing, nice try. And if you think that I shed a tear, you’re totally wrong. After what you’ve done, you only proved that I am a threat to your relationship and that makes me flattered. If I want to get my ex back, I already did but don’t worry, I am not gonna go back under his pants. Sorry not so sorry, for me you look desperate, insecure and living unhappy life. It’s funny how you’ve spent so much of your time bullying me. Why not make your self busy with other things rather than being busy with someone else’s life? What you were doing couldn’t stop me for being happy, a happy person.

This is why I am ignoring and not dealing with this kind of people because I am becoming a MONSTER whenever you hit my button. If you’re true and kind to my face then I will be. But if you don’t have any respect and do something bad about me, I’ll guarantee, I’ll be the same.

I once again prayed to God, to take away all my anger. To destroy and kill the monster in me and I am sure He’ll do. To YOU, I am praying that you’ll find peace and happiness that you don’t have.

I will end up this rant by saying thanks to all my friends and relatives who sent me message and ask if I am ok and to those who listen. You all know who you are and thank you for listening and joining the ride. I am lucky enough to have you all in my life. After this post, I am going to continue living my life to the fullest, chase my dreams and wear my my biggest smile.




You may think that wearing head-to-toe black outfit is like portraying Morticia Addams or like attending to funeral or even the goth aesthetic. But hey, let’s change that perspective.

Embracing this all-black-outfit I wore at the Fund Raising event in our Church as part of the committee. It represents beauty, elegance and formality.

It’s not obvious in this photo that I struggled on looking for the attire to perfectly suit the event. I actually pulled out my dresses, tops, and skirts in my closet and did a mix matching.

Worry No More

It looks like I am wearing dress but I am not. The black turtle neck top paired with black skirt made the illusion of like wearing a black dress. #fashionhack

Also, my belly isn’t obvious because wearing black makes me look skinny, hihihi. #fashionillussion

My Luna Bag to add up the all-black vibe.

Outfit Details

What do you think of my all black outfit? I feel confident and comfortable with it. I love it and hope you do too.

BTW, the Fund Raising Event is a success. God really make ways to meet all our needs.

Photo Credits: To my cousin Jaja

HMU: Yours Truly


Whenever I hear “slip wear”, I always think of something slinky and sexy. They tend to look exactly like lingerie. Not to mention, it reminiscent of 90s fashion. Yes, 90s fashion is coming back in style this 2017 and I am sure you know about it. Yay! It is my favorite trend of all because it reminds me of my childhood days.

If you’re following me on instgram(@lingoongeung) I am sure that you’ve already seen me wearing this slip dress that I scored from “ukay”. It is best worn if you layered it over a round neck shirt or a turtle neck. 

Layered with Turtle Neck

I can be grunge in this outfit if only I wore booties or oxfords but I don’t think that it’ll be appropriate to where I am going.

I wore this outfit when I attended our Sunday Service yesterday. I wanted to be simple and not to overdress so I paired it with my fringe slip on plus my Luna Bag.

Outfit Details

I will end this post with outfit details. And also, credit to my cousin Jerr for patiently taking these pics.




Something happened yesterday. I still can’t get over about it so I decided to write this and share with y’all

It was around 7:00 am in PNG (5:00 am PH Time)when I received message from my sister(she’s in Philippines). I was wondering why is she emailing me early in the morning. I mean, it is not the usual time for her to wake up. I thought of like something happened and they wanted to inform me so I checked her message.

Her: “Ate”(big sister)

         “Someone door-belled at 2:00 am, midnight”.

         “I was scared so I sneaked and no one is there”.

I was worried on her first message and I thought of these things: The house where they’re staying is haunted like there’s a ghost something like that or a criminal trying to worm that house and they’ll get robbed. I felt a bundle of nerves whenever I think of what is happening nowadays(referring to PH). I was gonna ask her who might be doing it. But instead of asking her, I continued reading her message.

Her: “I checked the CCTV to find out who it was”.

I was actually expecting that she’ll mention a name. BUT…………

 Her: “……….and I found out that it’s a CAT”.

Hahahahaha, I died laughing because I imagined my sister that she did not get enough sleep. She woke up very early to review the CCTV and only to find out that a cat jumped in to the wall where the doorbell is. Just imagine that, hahahahah. Thanks to the CCTV, we discovered who the burglar is.

Now I know that the doorbell isn’t just for human but for cats too, hahahaha.

Ok case closed.





I am only blogging because this post from my previous entry is holding me back.


Loljk, let’s all get serious here. I am blogging because I want to extend my warm greetings to y’all, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE”. I hope you had a great Christmas and did not forget to go to church and thank Lord Jesus.

I still have to work till 30th of December and come back on 3rd of January. We only had 4 days break(24th – 27th) and the next will be on 31st (which is not sure yet) till 2nd of January. I feel like life is so unfair why I needed to stay back in the office. They should’ve at least allow us to have a loooooong holiday(sigh).

Ok let us all move on.

My Aunt and her family went back to Philippines to celebrate Christmas and New Year. So it’s only me and my cousin Dhie in the house and during our 4 days break, we only stayed back home, cook, eat, sleep and watch movie. Well I hope that we did not put on weight cause we are eating a lot, hahaha.

Here’s our food last Noche Buena


Coke, Wine, Spagetti, Pancit, Leche Flan, Homemade Cake

Christmas Day, we attended the service in our Church and I was scheduled to teach the Kids in our Sunday School. Sorry but, no photos to be uploaded as I did not take or I did not hire someone to take photos while I am teaching as I wanted to focus on teaching them how God does impossible things 😊.

After Church we had our so-called Christmas Lunch at Ten Japanese Retaurant here in Port Moresby.

Of course I had sushis, makis and seafoods, all my favorite.

So that’s how I spent my Christmas break. I’m quite sleepy now to type a lengthy post but I am hoping that everyone is doing well, having good times with love ones ❤️ and have an awesome day as it can be.



PS: I mistakenly put a wrong date in the photo, supposed to be 29, hahaha.


The legendary Friday the 13th considered as the unluckiest day in the calendar. If you’re superstitious, you probably don’t want to get out of your house or lock your self out of your room.

Well for me, I don’t believe in all of this. I don’t believe that something bad will happen as long as I have a strong faith to God.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone




Can you actually believe that tomorrow is 1st of May? How time flies. How are you spending the summer? I hope everybody is having a good one.

My previous entries were all OOTD post. I just can’t help my self on sharing you all my style and didn’t realize that I am missing some of my blog series, TSC and Friday’s 10 Happy Things Series. There were only particular days where you can post them and that’s Sunday and Friday only(and I keep on missing these days, haha). Not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Saturday. So instead of missing the series, I’ve decided to do this “Life Lately” post – can post any time I want, no particular days and share you all what I’ve been up lately.

So let me get this quick.

After being tied up with work, I am finally catching up. Yahoo!

I quit on smoking and switched to vaping. I probably do a seperate entry about my Vape paraphernalias and please don’t expect that I’ll post more about vape ’cause I am honestly not a vape pro.

I was too brave on deciding to chop my hair really short. #shorthairdontcare

I volunteered at the Kids Ministry in our Church. They are in need of teachers so I’ve decided to volunteer. I can share my crafting and designing skills with the kids, hihi.

I was eating this Strawberry Yogurt this past few weeks. Hahahaha.

I found a store where I can buy my-all-time-favorite Top Ramen. Yay!

I’m on Snapchat so add me up: lingoongeung 👻

So how are y’all been doin lately? I hope you all had good days. You can share yours by leaving your comments.

That’s all for now 😊

PS: I am quite excited for tomorrow ’cause I am going to watch Civil War. See you tomorrow Captain.