There’s no sweetest place like home…

Home is where you get to eat your favorite foodies

Dinner with my Family at Lago de Dalahican-Robinson’s GenTri

Having coffee and slice of Chocolate Truffles at Starbucks- Robinson’s GenTri

Sissy and I’s choice of plate at Maxx’s Restaurant Robinson’s GenTri

Me and Mark’s typical Filipino Breakfast: Spagetti, Pancit Palabok, Pan de Sal and Coffee

Having Mango-Graham-Float while waiting for the next bus at PITX


Pika-pika foods

Homemade Nachos

Fishball, Kikiam and Dream Cake

Flying Saucer

My favorite Pan de Corned Beef at Starbucks

Fresh Buko Juice from Manong Magbubuko


Home is where you get to spend time with your family

Lunch out with my sissy at Maxx’s Restaurant before getting pampered

I craved for Greenwich Pizza and Lasagna so……

Taking care of my nephew/inaanak Austin

Girls Day Out – with Sissy and Dianara

Lunch out with Mommy Marie at Chowking Robinson’s GenTri

Chowking the second time around – with my Nanay, Sissy and Austin

With my Favorite Ninang/Tita in the world

Coffee break after makapag-grocery si Nanay

Visited Departed love ones

Nanay Emma and Tatay Che(Mark’s Lolo and Lola)

My Dad, my lolo and lola(father’s side)

Tatay Tano and Auntie Myr(mother’s side)

and celebrate special occasions too

Austin’s 8th Month


Surprised Nanay on Valentine’s Day

Nanay’s 50th Birthday and Austin’s 9th Month

Home is where you get to spend time with your friends

With my High School Friends during Cindy and Bobby’s Wedding Day

Getting Drunk with the barkadas

To this girl na hindi pumayag na di ako makita despite of her busy schedule, Macle


Home is where you get twinning with your sister


Home is where you get to watch movies with your sibs

After seeing Captain Marvel at Robinson’s MovieWorld


Home is where you get to cuddle and bully your boyfriend

At Tagaytay City Prime Residences

Shopping at Divisoria with our haggard faces

Last picture together after going back to PNG



And I miss HOME…..


All photos were taken during my PI Vacation 2019. To my cousins, Te Lish, Reyn, Chie, Bowa, Dhie, To tita Ayit, Mama Lerz, to other relatives and to Mark’s family, thank you all for spending your time with me. You all know who you are. 6 weeks is so bitin but still I got to bond with you guys(wala nga lang picture) And to my friends that I didn’t spend time with, we still have next time. I just got busy with other important things to do.

See you all on my next vacation ☺️






This is not paid content. Rest assured, everything I am writing here is purely my honest opinion and based on my own experience.

Hi Guys! I am blogging again. I am trying as much as I could to post often, and it is very unusual for me. It is hard you know, especially that I am a full time worker, to find spare time and share you all what I have in my mind – and I am telling you that it’s a loooooot.

As I mention “unusual”, it relates to my post today. I guess that you’ve read on top what it is. YES, it’s a product review. It is very uncommon for me and  I’ve never done any product review before. What makes me decide to write this is I want to give a feedback on this product. So let’s start.

If you’re looking for a blush that creates a naturally pinky cheeks, try this Sophie Magic Pink Cream. I also recommend this to make up starters especially when you’re on a budget. A 10ml tube only cost Php 120 and will last till 3-4 months as per my usage.

Wanna know why it’s magic?

If you squeeze the tube, a white cream will come out and when you start blending it, after 30 seconds, it magically turns to pink. So make sure to put only small amount when applying it ’cause at first you’ll think that it’s only white cream without knowing that you’ve put a lot on your cheeks(it happened to me, hahaha).

Use your finger tips and spread it evenly or else it will leave you pink mark- like a clown or your face may look like you got slapped by someone, hehe.


When applied to my cheeks


  • Gives you natural pinky cheeks
  • Easy to apply
  • Not pricey


  • It comes only in one shade
  • Only available at Sophie Paris Direct Seller/Authorize Dealer

Well, if you ask me if I am still going to purchase it, I’ll definitely say YES. It is very affordable and it’ll stay up to 12 hrs. Perfect also if you want that No Makeup makeup look ☺️

So there you go guys. If you have any questions, you can always freely ask in the comment box section. Hope you enjoy reading today’s post. Byeeeeeee


👸🏻 Lin


“I bet everybody here is FAKE HAPPY too” after Paramore announced that they have to postpone their concert in Jakarta and Manila. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams struggle with a throat and upper respiratory infection. Hayley personally apologized on Facebook regarding the cancellation of the show.

Paramore’s Manila concert is supposed to happen tonight, February 18, 2018 at MOA Arena. But because Hayley needs rest, they have decided to delay the show. But hey, hold your tickets and they’ve rescheduled the show on August 23, 2018.

I know the Filipino fans are disappointed. But instead of getting disappointed, why we not just pray and hope for Hayley to get better the soonest?

I love Paramore since 2007. One of my greatest dream is to watch their concert. But unfortunately, I can’t make it for the third time because of working abroad. But I’d like to dedicate this post to Paramore and pretend that I’m goin to watch their concert, hihihi.


“Hard Times” Paramore Shirt | Hot Topic

Little Black Dress worn as Skirt | Thrifted

Black Creepers | Thrifted

That’s all for now and hope you like this post.

PS: Thanks to my cousin Shane for the Paramore Shirt. One of the best gift I had on my Birthday last year.



“Guess who’s back? Back Again”. – (to the tune of Without me by Eminem).

Hi Guys,

It’s been 4 months since my last update on this blog. This is also my 1st blog post for 2018. Masyadong maraming naging ganap sa aking buhay, hahaha. Pero yung totoo, hindi ko kayo nalimutan. Actually, may naka-prepare akong “mga” blog post sa inyo – “mga” as in “hindi lang isa”, so wait lang kayo guys, hihihi. I was just taking it slowly kasi hindi ako makahanap ng sched to finalize my post. Naka-word docu siya for proof reading. Mej naging busy ako sa work lately at sa personal kong buhay.

In regards with the title, naisip ko tong segment na “BAKIT” LIST to jot down all the things na palagi kong tanong ay bakit ganito, bakit ganon, bakit ganyan basta kahit anong bagay na pwedeng tanungin ng bakit, basta ganern.

So bakit nga ba ako nawalang bigla sa blog?

  • Kung follower ko kayo sa IG or friend ko kayo sa FB, siguro alam niyo na nagbakasyon ako sa Pinas nung November. Mga 6 weeks din yon so wala talaga akong time nun. Sabi ko nga may naka-prepare akong blog post and isa na yung PI Vacation ko na ilang buwan na ding nasa draft, hahaha.
  • Sinabi ko na din kanina, naging busy ako sa work. After kasi ng 6 weeks vacation ko, back to work din ako agad-agad. Super tambak yung work ko nun tas mag-end of the year pa kaya kailangan kong habulin yung mga postings ko. Mga almost 2 months din akong ngarag. Thank God, naka-survive ako sa trabaho 🙂
  • Nawiwili ako ngayun tumambay sa youtube. Nahook ako dito sa isang Pinay Youtuber kasi galing niya mag-make up and hindi ganung kamahal yung products na ginagamit niya. Nainspire tuloy ako magbalik loob sa pagme-make up. Actually nag-try na nga ako nung isang araw mag-make up ulit and try ko i-share dito sa blog yung make up na ginawa ko. Hopefully mai-post ko siya soon.
  • Last, i-secret ko muna tong isa kong pinagkakaabalahan, hahaha. Saka ko na lang i-reveal sa inyo.

So that’s it for my first “Bakit” List. If ever may suggestion kayo sa segment na “Bakit” List, feel free to ask me question by leaving a comment on the comment box section or email me: linfranciarios@gmail.com

Bye for now 🙂


Hi Guys, hope you are all well lalo na sa mga readers ko from Philippines na sabi sa news ay nagu-ulan. Sorry ha kung mejo hindi ako updated lately. As usual, busy ako sa mga bagay-bagay. Pero madami akong nakahandang post, nasa draft lang talaga sila kasi wala din akong time para magedit at mag-proof reading (wow ha).

Taglish post muna tayo for today. Ayoko muna kasing mag-english kasi hindi ako ganong ka-inspire at ayokong pahirapan ang sarli ko hahaha. Pero seryoso, ramdam ko kasi na mas kwela kung ikwento ko ng taglish yung experience ko sa Salon nung Saturday. Yes, nagpunta ako salon kasi nga dati ko pa gustong pagupitan tong buhok ko. Nade-delay lang ng nade-delay ang plano ko kasi wala akong time tsaka nagdadalawang isip ako kasi mahal magpagupit dito sa bundok kung nasaan man ako(Papua new Guinea). Gusto ko lang naman ay magkabangs ako. Iniisip ko na antayin ko na lang ang bakasyon ko(malapit na) at doon ko na lang ipaayos. Iniisip ko din na pwede siguro kahit ako na lang maglagay ng bangs sa sarili ko kasi ginagawa ko naman yun dati pero natatakot ako. Baka kasi maupod ko nanaman ang bangs ko na parang ginamitan ng ruler kagaya ng nangyari sa akin dati, ayokong sumugal bes.

So ayun nga. Saturday is the day. Ang totoo naman talaga ay wala akong plano nun na magpagupit. Ang plano lang that day ay mag-grocery ng kailangan namin sa bahay at bumili ako ng souvenir, fridge magnet at keychain na ipapasalubong ko. Medyo nabago yung ruta namin. Dumaretso kami dito sa “known hotel” na may salon kasi gustong pagupitan ng Tita ko yung anak niya. Sabi ko papagupit na din ako. Pagpasok namin sa salon, naupo muna ako doon sa parang lobby nila. Nagiisip kasi ako kung desidido na ba talaga ako at naghanap pa ako ng picture na paggagayahan ng maggugupit just to make sure na magiging ganon yung buhok ko. Minsan na din kasi akong nagpagupit doon at nasunod naman dati yung gusto kong buhok. Napagdesisyonan na magpagupit na talaga. Naupo na ako at pinakita ko yung pic na paggagayahan.

Matagal ko ng trip ang buhok ni Hayley Williams magmula nung ni-launch nila yung video nilang “Hard Times”. Tsaka turn on ako sa mga may pa-bangs effect, ganern. Tagal na din nung huli akong nagbangs at super iksi ng buhok ko nun at medyo nagkahawig kami ni Dora the Explorer, lol. Sabi ko, pahabain ko lang ng kaunti buhok ko magbabangs talaga ulit ako kasi nga Idol ko si Hayley at gusto ko siyang i-peg.

Mabalik ako doon sa pagpapakita ng pic. Nakita na nga ng maggugupit sa akin yung picture ni Hayley. Sabi ko, “yan ganyan po may fringe, pero same length” kumbaga, kung kailangan itrim, trim lang pero hindi iiksian. Sabi nung naggugupit na kung pwede ba daw mahiram ang phone ko at magsearch siya ng buhok. May ipinakita siya na picture ng buhok na medyo layer layer. In-explain niya na need lagyan ng layer ang buhok ko para magkaroon ng volume. Sumagot na lang ako na “kayo na po ang bahala”. Nagtiwala ako kasi alam ko mas sila ang nakakaalam kasi nga hair dresser nga sila.

Sinimulan na akong gupitan. Nakita ako ang bawat buhok na nagugupit sa akin. Suguro may mga 2 inches din yon. Basta yung nile-layer ng bahagya. Siguro saglit lang akong ginupitan, wala pang 30 minutes at binlow dry na nga. Napaisip ako na bakit parang ang bilis naman ata. Not the usual time pag  ginugupitan ako. Usually kasi mga more than 30 minutes ako kapag nagpapagupit. Inisip ko na baka dina-dry lang muna saka gagamitan ng thinning scissor para numipis buhok ko at lalagyan ako ng bangs. Nung tapos na akong i-blow dry, aba, tinanggal na ni ateng ang kapa at pinapagpag niya ang mga buhok sa katawan ko. Hindi na ako nahiya magtanong sabi ko, “hindi mo ba ako lalagyan ng bangs?” Tapos sabi niya hindi daw bagay sa akin may bangs lagyan niya daw ako french bangs lang daw. Expected ko kahit yung side swept na mga pang emo pero kumuha lang siya bahagya tas ginupit niya para masabi lang na ginupit niya. Frustration level 99999999 talaga ako sa outcome kasi hindi naman ganun ang expectation ko. Isa pa, di ko naman first time maglalagay ng bangs kaya alam ko kung bagay o hinde. Hindi talaga ako natuwa kasi parang walang nangyari sa buhok ko, parang nagpablow dry lang ako sa salon, gusto ko ba e mapapansin ng tao na nagpagupit ako. Nagbayad ako ng 58 kina = Php 878 pag kinonvert (o di ba ginto?) Feeling ko nag-aksaya ako ng pera, na kaya nga ako nagpagupit para magkabangs ako. Sa frustration ko imbis na awayin ko yung naggupit sa akin, nanahimik na lang ako, hindi ako nagbigay ng tip sabay labas ng salon at nagpunta na lang ako doon sa café ng hotel para mabawasan naman kahit papano ang inis ko. Kung alam ko lang sana na ganun lang gugupitin ang buhok ko, sana inantay ko na lang na makuwi ako ng Pilipinas o ako na lang sana gumupit ng sarili kong bangs.

Eto nga pala yung outcome ng bagong hairstyle ko. O di ba parang walang nangyari, nagfly away pa. Hindi ako nilagyan ng bangs kundi HIBANGS, lol.

Me a.k.a pilit na tawa. Next time kasi wag tayo mage-expect, wag masyado atat at matuto mag-antay. MASAKIT UMASA MGA BES 😁


I am guessing that you have idea of what is this post gonna be about. Yes, the photo above says it all, I have a lot of Pokemon, just kidding, hahaha. Last September 2, I celebrated my 2nd Year on moving here in WordPress. Too little to late to post this right? But just like what they were always saying, it’s better late than never. Honestly, I’ve been working on this entry for more than 3 weeks. So why did it take so long? As usual, I got swamped with work these past few weeks and never got a chance to blog. Now, I am breaking this me-on-a-hiatus mode ’cause I don’t want to miss this memorable day of my blogging journey.

As I celebrate my 2nd Year here on WordPress, I am taking you a little trip down memory lane as I share you my incredible blogging experience.

How did I start Blogging?

I discovered blogging in 2005 where I write my personal thoughts. That’s when I couldn’t care less if anyone reads it or none at all because I only consider my blog as my online diary, haha. I only blog if I have rants and need to let go of my feelings or say something about my relationship issues especially when I am badly hurt, lol. I stayed on that blog of mine till 2010 and the only reason why I let go of that is because I’ve forgotten the password (shame on me). You know that I have memory like Dory, lol. I tried to recover it, but unfortunately, I’m unable to access it. Now, I laugh at my old self whenever I read my old posts (I can still read it when I search it using the search engine). But that’s me, that’s how I cope depression.

My Blogging Journey

In 2011, I’ve decided to enter again the world of blogging. But not to blog my personal issues in life, hahaha. It’s about fashion, haul and nail art. I’ve always love to share my outfits, what I recently purchase from shops or online, and to showcase my talent on how I paint my nails. Yes, I did all of that and got 30 followers. I know that it is only a small number of followers but it doesn’t matter to me as long as I am happy with what I am doing and I received positive comments and good number of readers – that’s all that matters. That’s when I also started meeting other Pinay Bloggers and I got to interact with them. And after another three years of blogging, I’ve neglected my blog because of moving abroad and focusing with my career (weh?).  So I was on hiatus for 2 years and taken a well-earned break from my blog.

2015 when I made a “come back on blogging”. But, I gave up my fashion blog and moved to WordPress. Just to make the story short, I won’t explain in this post why I moved to WordPress, but instead, I’m giving you this link explaining why I’ve decided to move: click here

I named my blog as “Crazy Cat Lady’s Diaries”. I couldn’t think of any blog name so I named it how I describe myself. I love cats and I love to write, JSYK. I was trying to be serious on blogging as I turned out my blog as, fashion-photography-diy-travel blog (yeah I know too many categories). Long story short, this unpredictable mind of mine decided to change the blog name once again and thought of revamping it (read my official announcement here). I felt CCLD is becoming inappropriate to what I am writing. So how will the readers goin’ to recognize my blog if I confuse them with blog name with its inappropriate content? It should be at least about cats or being a cat mama or about cat parenting or whatsoever. So I made a decision of changing it from Crazy Cat Lady’s Diaries to Lin Against the World.

What is Lin Against the World all about?

You may think using the word “against” means hating the world but it is NOT. It actually means conquering things no matter what life throws me, how to win a battle no matter how difficult the situation is. This blog is about my life, it’s all about me.

As I continue running this blog, I’ve met more bloggers around the world. I have a growing number of followers despite I don’t regularly update it. Just recently, I’ve reached 100+ followers and constantly receiving positive feedbacks and likes. Let’s take a look back at some of my post that I consider as “popular posts” because of having more than 10 likes, hihihi. You can click each link for recap 🙂

Do not get me wrong of what I am saying here but I am not bragging. I am just proud of what I’ve achieved in this blogging journey. It’s a slow progress but I know that I’ll get on to it (someday). I am still thankful and that inspire me to continue and never give up on blogging.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who’s been following, interacting and continuously reading my blog. It means so much to me and you’ve made me believe that I can go far. You are all the reason why I keep running and motivates me not to abandon this blog. To God, thank you for the wisdom and strength You’ve always given me.





I don’t want to be my old self again when I’ve forgotten the Guy above because of my wrath. I am afraid of myself being out of control again with my emotion. Although, I prayed to Him to give me wisdom and strength before I bent out of shape, I failed Him. I had this regret, “hindi ko na lang sana pinatulan”. I tried to deny the monster in me, but I couldn’t help it. Pinili kong manahimik at umiwas sa lahat ng naririnig ko, ’cause I know that it is the right thing to do. Pero paano kung mapuno ako sa katahimikan ko?

Here’s what happened:

I know my friends out there know what I am talking about here. I’ve reached my boiling point because someone messaged me on Facebook using my ex boyfriend’s identity. I stop communicating with him for a long time. We’ve been together for how many years so I know that it’s not him. I said to stop messaging me but she didn’t. I know from the start who it is. There’s only one person that I know who will do this. I am not stupid, I know how to play this game. The fake account still keeps on sending me message, asking for the email address and password of the old FB Account that me and my ex boyfriend using when we’re still in the relationshipshit. How annoyingly that she’s forcing me to do so. To tell you honestly, after the break up with my ex, I did not bother to log in to that account, EVER AGAIN. I’ve forgotten everything so how could I? I keep on telling her off to stop pestering me but she keeps on asking the same question all over again and started saying things about me. I ask the fake account, “why were you asking?” and she said that she wanted to deactivate the account so people in their lives won’t be able to see it and they already have new chapter in their lives. And because of that account, they’re always arguing. Well who cares? I am much more cared about how me and my family gonna survive everyday, what clothes I am goin’ to wear, and how I am going to feed my cats. Is she serious with what they’re calling new chapter? If they have new chapter then they shouldn’t be get affected with the past, they shouldn’t be bother with an old account. She even accused me of ruining their relationship and my ex wasted how many years of his life being with me. Do they really know what they’re talking about? In my entire life, I’ve NEVER think of getting involved with someone else’s relationship. In fact, I am more use to being cheated rather than being a mistress. Wasted my ex’s years of his life? How can she say that if I am the one who got fooled and being played with? She only knew us but not our story. I was breathing in and out to calm myself. How much I tried not to say bad things and nasty words but I did. She ended up her message by saying GOD BLESS to me and I ended up our conversation by saying GOD BLESS YOU TOO FOR WHAT YOU’RE DOING. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND”.

My response:

I know my ex is kinda bastard and a cheater but he never showed any disrespect even though we broke up. So I am sure that he’s not behind this. To YOU, you know and I know what you’re doing, nice try. And if you think that I shed a tear, you’re totally wrong. After what you’ve done, you only proved that I am a threat to your relationship and that makes me flattered. If I want to get my ex back, I already did. But don’t you worry, I am not gonna go back under his pants. Sorry not so sorry, for me you look desperate, insecure and living unhappy life. It’s funny how you’ve spent so much of your time trying to pester and ruin my happy life. Why not make your self busy with other things rather than being busy with someone else’s business? What you were doing couldn’t stop me for being happy, a happy person.

This is why I am ignoring and not dealing with this kind of people because I am becoming a MONSTER whenever you hit my button. If you’re true and kind to my face then I will be. But if you don’t have any respect and do something bad about me, I’ll guarantee, I’ll be the same.

I once again prayed to God, to take away all my anger. To destroy and kill the monster in me and I am sure He’ll do. To YOU, I am praying that you’ll find peace and happiness that you don’t have.

I will end up this rant by saying thanks to all my friends and relatives who sent me message and ask if I am ok and to those who listen. You all know who you are and thank you for listening and joining the ride. I am lucky enough to have you all in my life. After this post, I am going to continue living my life to the fullest, chase my dreams and wear my my biggest smile.