You may think that wearing head-to-toe black outfit is like portraying Morticia Addams or like attending to funeral or even the goth aesthetic. But hey, let’s change that perspective.

Embracing this all-black-outfit I wore at the Fund Raising event in our Church as part of the committee. It represents beauty, elegance and formality.

It’s not obvious in this photo that I struggled on looking for the attire to perfectly suit the event. I actually pulled out my dresses, tops, and skirts in my closet and did a mix matching.

Worry No More

It looks like I am wearing dress but I am not. The black turtle neck top paired with black skirt made the illusion of like wearing a black dress. #fashionhack

Also, my belly isn’t obvious because wearing black makes me look skinny, hihihi. #fashionillussion

My Luna Bag to add up the all-black vibe.

Outfit Details

What do you think of my all black outfit? I feel confident and comfortable with it. I love it and hope you do too.

BTW, the Fund Raising Event is a success. God really make ways to meet all our needs.

Photo Credits: To my cousin Jaja

HMU: Yours Truly


Whenever I hear “slip wear”, I always think of something slinky and sexy. They tend to look exactly like lingerie. Not to mention, it reminiscent of 90s fashion. Yes, 90s fashion is coming back in style this 2017 and I am sure you know about it. Yay! It is my favorite trend of all because it reminds me of my childhood days.

If you’re following me on instgram(@lingoongeung) I am sure that you’ve already seen me wearing this slip dress that I scored from “ukay”. It is best worn if you layered it over a round neck shirt or a turtle neck. 

Layered with Turtle Neck

I can be grunge in this outfit if only I wore booties or oxfords but I don’t think that it’ll be appropriate to where I am going.

I wore this outfit when I attended our Sunday Service yesterday. I wanted to be simple and not to overdress so I paired it with my fringe slip on plus my Luna Bag.

Outfit Details

I will end this post with outfit details. And also, credit to my cousin Jerr for patiently taking these pics.




She lives in fantasy, in the world that so unreal. She believes in everything. In all that she see, in all that she hear, in all that she feel.

A Prince promised her of forever. She believes in it. In all that she sees, in all that she hear, in all that she feel. 

But it was only her imagination. There’s no Prince, the Prince was never there, he’s just a ghost. She believed in it, in all that she saw, in all that she heard, in all that she felt.

She escaped in this fantasy, world that is so unreal, full of lies and broken promises. She took her shovel and burried all what she believed in, what she saw, what she heard, what she felt.

“She’s now finally awaken from her FANTASY”

Photograph and HMU: Yours Truly


Isn’t funny how to see things come back to style? Choker necklaces, which only 90’s kid will know are making a fierce comeback. I can remember, I wore black and beaded choker wayback when I was in High School. Back then, I don’t have money to buy one so I had to make it myself, hihihihi.

As you noticed, celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing chokers. It’s very stylish and gives edge to your outfit – from boring to laid back. Preferably, chokers are worn with low cut blouse or top to highlight it. See how I wore mine with Off Shoulders,


Wrap Choker


Double Suede Choker

Chokers from Oceanhuesph

Did I work it out perfectly? Hihihihi. Chokers are my current obsession and I have 4 leather chokers from Oceanhuesph(click the link up there) and 1 Tattoo Choker I got from Divisoria and I am planning to get mooooore.

Have you been wearing or have ever tried wearing chokers? How did you wear it? You may share yours by leaving comment below.

That’s all for now.




I dunno where & how will I start this blog post after being MIA. I have been swamped with work lately after the Boss decided to transfer me to a new department. Honestly, it’s a hassle. But being tied up with work doesn’t mean that I’ll stop blogging(oha, segway 😜). I still have spare time to drop by my blog, write down and say “Hi” to ya’ll.

Lemme’ just get this quick on sharing this #OOTD post 😊.

It was raining yesterday and kinda cold so I thought of pulling out my sweatshirt in my closet. So I end up wearing this,

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt, SM Department Store

Corduroy Jumpers, from my Aunt

Red Ballerina Flats, Cheid’s Closet

Heart Printed Socks, Daiso PH 

My heart printed socks and red ballerina flats are great combination. Such cutie 😍 . I need to get more pairs of kawaii socks.

Before I click the publish button, I just wanted to tell you all that “I’m back to business”. You can visit my shop here.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend. Feel free to write your thoughts at the comment box section 😊




“Once upon a time, there’s a young lady who had a skirt that the length is above her feet. She doesn’t want to wear it ’cause for her she looks like a witch. And then, a Fairy Godsewer did the alteration. Transform it to a very stylish skirt. Other girls wanted to wear same skirt like hers. And the young lady lives fashionably ever after”. -Ok end of story.

Hi, it’s been a week since I came back from my outfit post(click here for the recap). But I won’t promise you all that I’ll do this often as much as I did when I am still running my fashion blog Istaylista. I don’t want to pressure myself on thinking of what will be my OOTD and how will I keep them documented. I am done with it! Haha. But since I’m in the mood and I have new clothes in my closet, why I don’t take this chance to blog about my outfit I wore in the office?

I paired the black skirt with a white basic tee. I just wanted to be simple.

Since the skirt is black, it can also goes with printed tops. I guess I have to do some mix matching.

This combo is full of win!


Sorry for this annoyingly face of mine, this is me 😜

I had to change the color of the photos to make it look classic. As I browse the photos in my gallery, I thought of changing it to basic, which is black and white. And for everyone to know, I am fascinated with black and white photography.

The insecure(sorry but she is) officemate of mine asked where did I get my skirt. I answered her back, “Im sorry but you can’t find it anywhere in here”(I am so mean) haha. So here’s the deets.


Basic White Top, Duffy

Black Skirt, Ward 88

Shoes, SM Parisian

Sunnies, Eye Channel

Photo Credits to my Cousin, Dhie

So there it goes for today’s post. Hope you like my skirt as much as I do ’cause I am definitely inlove with it.