What’s up? I know that I haven’t been put up any post(s) for such a long time. I got caught up juggling things and trying to overcome multitasking. Whenever I arrived at home, I feel so tired and I don’t have any energy to draft some of any entry although I wanted to update what I’ve been up to but I KENAT, lol. But after months of hiatus, I recently looked at my not-so-old blog posts and it inspired me to get back on track. Well, well(in Maleficent tone), now that I am back, you may want me to start off by writing a Life Lately post. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Me a.k.a Babaeng walang Pahinga. Work has been stressful lately and truly got swamped. Hindi ko din alam paano ako magmo-move on, chaaar. It is very effective that we’ve drop off letter of interest sa mga hotels, gasoline station and to other establishments here in POM. Nakakuha kami ng malalaking customers and they signed contract from us. We are still in the process of getting more potential customers and our company is looking forward on it. Isn’t good? We are crossing our fingers.

Me a.ka. Production Designer slash Layout artist. I’ve never thought and dreamed about this role. Yes, I can set up and organize events, yung simple lang but I haven’t designed a stage for a Church Anniversary. I looked for some ideas and thanks to Pinterest. I had month of preparation and I was really nervous on what will be the outcome. But all went well and receive positive feedback from the head.

And it didn’t end here. I also did photograph and layout for our Church’s Manuals

Designed a booth for our Church Servant’s Day

And layout for our tarpaulins too

Hard work has been paid off as I receive special award in appreciation with what I have contributed in our church. I know that God is with me, He gave me strength wisdom and used me to serve His people.

Ngiting Tagumpay! May K50 worth of voucher ako sa Airways Hotel, lol.

And before I forget, just recently we threw a surprised baby shower for Joann and they got me to do the decor. Thanks again to Pinterest.

Isang mabilisan na decor, baka kasi makahalata si Buntis, hihihi.

I did also maternity shoot for Joann and I used the photos sa backdrop


Me a.k.a Photographer. From the day I laid hands sa aking camera, I did not stop practicing and figuring out perfect camera settings. Shoot lang ng shoot. At first I find it difficult, kasi ang hirap magtimpla ng settings, nakakabaliw, hahaha. I always watched tutorials on youtube which really helps me with ideas. If I have chance, I’ll attend workshop to acquire more knowledge about photography. Here’s one my favorite shot I’ve done recently.

β€œThe Fall”

And btw, if you are interested to look at my photographs, you can visit my IG account here.


Me a.k.a member of media team. As part of celebration of our Church Anniversary, a guest speaker was invited to preach. He is Ptr Enzo Maisano from Hillsong Melbourne. Such a blessing on meeting him and hearing his inspirational message. And in his short span of time of his stay here in POM, he managed to give time on sharing his tips and techniques about filming before he gets back to Melbourne.

Ptr Enzo showing us the right angle/position of the camera during interviews.

Thank you Ptr. We will miss you and I know that this is not the last.

Just an update, we started filming and in the process of editing. I’ll share it here on blog once it’s completely done.


I am on a mission. I will not say that “I volunteered” because for me volunteer means that you are just a volunteer- no time commitments and you can back out anytime you want. I’ll say that “I am a Servant”. Servant because I will commit my time to serve God with no turning back. 4 months ago, our church started this outreach program called GP-Mission Connect. It is to reach out the children of Papua New Guinea. We want them to feel and know that God loves them by sharing His words and at the same time, we share blessings to them.

Just look at how they smile on camera.

It’s priceless seeing happy faces like this while having the food we have prepared for them.

Pray, trust, wait, repeat

Retro Gamer. Just so you know that I prefer playing retro games and I grew up playing Nintendo. I even downloaded and paid Php 500 for Mario Run just to unlock other stages. And only 2 days after the purchased, I saved Princess Peach(easy peasy 😏) I also got to the point that I bought a Nintendo-like game console with 500 games online- and naiwanan ko siya sa Philippines. And because of the obsession of planning on getting a Nintendo Switch(hindi ko pa priority, wala akong budget), I borrowed Allen’s(my brother) Nintendo DS and bought Super Mario Bros.2 at Lazada for Php1,500. I haven’t finish the game yet.

My addiction with Mario did not end. 3 weeks ago, I pre-ordered Mario Kart Tour πŸ˜…


I deactivated my Facebook Account. I bet a lot of friends on Facebook wondering why I deactivated my account. Nasa stage ako ngayun ng pag-iwas, hahaha. Yes meron akong pinagdadaanan. And one way to escape from it is to deactivate my Facebook Account. I do not want to entertain people who gives stress in my life. Super toxic, not healthy. I’ll come back when I am 100% ok because right now, not really(I am not hypocrite). And the next step will be unfollowing and unfriending people who brings negativity in my life. I am serious here but I’ve never forget on praying sa kung anong pinagdadaanan ko lately and I know I will get over it……. completely.


I got my heart badly broken. I know only few relatives and friends know about what happened to me and Mark. Yes, we broke up and it is one of the reason why I deactivated my account. For now, I can only say that I gave up…. I gave up because I knew that there’s something wrong with our relationship and it’s not working anymore. I’ll tell the whole story on my next post.

If you ask me if I am ok right now, I’ll say that I AM. Although I got in that situation (where my heart got torn into pieces, chaaaaar) God loves me and all the people surrounds me. Opportunities are coming and there’s still a lot of things to thank from. It is not end of the world girl.

Be back with more life updates.


Can you actually believe that tomorrow is 1st of May? How time flies. How are you spending the summer? I hope everybody is having a good one.

My previous entries were all OOTD post. I just can’t help my self on sharing you all my style and didn’t realize that I am missing some of my blog series, TSC and Friday’s 10 Happy Things Series. There were only particular days where you can post them and that’s Sunday and Friday only(and I keep on missing these days, haha). Not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Saturday. So instead of missing the series, I’ve decided to do this “Life Lately” post – can post any time I want, no particular days and share you all what I’ve been up lately.

So let me get this quick.

After being tied up with work, I am finally catching up. Yahoo!

I quit on smoking and switched to vaping. I probably do a seperate entry about my Vape paraphernalias and please don’t expect that I’ll post more about vape ’cause I am honestly not a vape pro.

I was too brave on deciding to chop my hair really short. #shorthairdontcare

I volunteered at the Kids Ministry in our Church. They are in need of teachers so I’ve decided to volunteer. I can share my crafting and designing skills with the kids, hihi.

I was eating this Strawberry Yogurt this past few weeks. Hahahaha.

I found a store where I can buy my-all-time-favorite Top Ramen. Yay!

I’m on Snapchat so add me up: lingoongeung πŸ‘»

So how are y’all been doin lately? I hope you all had good days. You can share yours by leaving your comments.

That’s all for now 😊

PS: I am quite excited for tomorrow ’cause I am going to watch Civil War. See you tomorrow Captain.