If there’s a time machine and if I have given a chance to go back, I’ll definitely go back in the 90s. There’s so much to appreciate in this decade.

The decade when……

  1. I played pogs, teks, chinese garter, taguan (hide and seek) and other street games.
  2. I spent my baon on buying paper dolls or if I don’t have extra money to buy one, I use to make my own paper doll using a cardboard paper.
  3. I didn’t have Game Boy but I had Brick Game given by my Dad.
  4. I’ve watched cartoons like, Sailor Moon, Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men and Ninja Turtles. Sentais like Mask Man, Bioman and Power Rangers.
  5. I listened to the songs of Spice, Girls, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC in the cassette tape.
  6. I’ve watched movies by renting VHS tapes and played it on VHS Player.
  7. And even fashion has no exception, wore crop top, chokers, full of denim, combat and elevated shoes.

No doubt, I have an awesome childhood memories. As I reminisce, I thought of channeling the 90s vibe by wearing a vintage top and denim jacket paired with stonewash denim shorts and combat booties.

Isn’t nostalgic? Get the look here:

Styled and Photographed by: Yours Truly



I am taking a short break on sharing outfit and rant post, hahaha. I’ve done something different in my everyday routine and I wanted to share it with you all. Just recently, I got bored in the office. You know that typical worker taking her lunch break alone and it is so booooooorrrrring(yawning). So instead of just sitting in my work station, I called my cousin and ask her if we can meet up lunch time. I feel like I wanted to go somewhere. An idea popped in my mind, “Pwede mo ba akong samahan mag-ukay”?  – asking my cousin if we can go thrift shopping. Since we only have 1 hour lunch break, we immediately checked out the nearest ukayan(here in Port Moresby).

Before I start showing off my recent haul at Ukayan, let me give a short introduction and why I love shopping at Ukay

What is Ukay?

It is secondhand apparels such as bags, clothes shoes and etc. being sold in a very cheap price. Ukay-ukay(UK) in Filipino language and derived from word halukay or act of digging since shoppers have to dig into pile of secondhand clothes. The store is called Ukayan or thrift store.

Why I shop at Ukay?

I am a thrifter for as long as I can remember, hahaha. Apart from Divisoria, I prefer to shop at Ukay. They are treasure trove of  branded pieces that you can add to your closet. It is most likely the clothes you’ll find are all in one and unique but very cheap. Price ranges to Php 5, Php 10, Php 50. I am sure that you can have a complete get up with Php 100. As a working girl, it’s a challenge for me to dress up everyday and I don’t want to spend too much money just to be fashionable. Kailangan maging praktikal, tipid tayo dapat bes.

Shopping at Ukay is like finding needle in a haystack. Just dig patiently, you’ll never know what buried goods await. Just like these gems I rummaged.

A striking one shoulder dress with a 70’s inspired ruffle. You can pair it with brown strappy slip ons and a fedora hat. Summer Vibe. Cost 6 Kina = Php 85

Cotton on Boho Dress. In Philippines, when you buy a dress from Cotton On, it’ll cost a thousands. I was lucky enough to find this dress in the rack. I got it for only 4 Kina = Php 60.

Turtle Neck Dress. The fabric that exactly like my turtle neck top from Bench(check my previous OOTD post) Cost 4 Kina = Php 60

Denim Oversized Top with puffy sleeve. Can pair with leggings. Cost 4 Kina = Php 60

Palazzo Pants and Maxi Skirt. They’re comfy to wear and can be paired with plain top and flats. Perfect when I have office runs. Cost 5 kina each = Php 75

Romper that can be worn over a white top or a denim jacket as cover up. Cost 3 Kina = Php 45.

Me and my cousin went back to Thrift Shop lunch time today(Friday). Naadik lang. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. And I scored these grunge pieces, bwahahaha.

Adventure Time Printed Leggings. Seriously? A 29 year old will wear this? Haha I don’t care what you think. It is super cool. Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and the rest of the characters are all printed in here. Cost 6 Kina = 80 Php

Basic Pink Top. I got it for only 1 Kina = Php 15. I’ll pair this with maxi skirt or Adventure Time Leggings

Denim Jacket. This is actually for my sister. I got it for her for only 2 Kina = Php 30.

TMNT Tee. Just so you know that I am obsessed with vintage tees especially when it’s printed with 90s Cartoon. They are memory from my childhood like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cost 3 Kina = Php 45.

Last but definitely not the least, pair of booties. I’ve been scouting all over for an authentic Dr Martens and look what I’ve found somewhere in a dusty corner, Dr Martens-like-booties. It is destined to be mine ’cause it’s my size. There are some scratches but still in good condition. And guess what? It’s only 14 Kina = Php 210. Can I scream now? Hahaha

So there you go. These are the new precious things that I’m going to hang in my closet. I can’t wait to wear them and share it with you all. Nothing beats the feeling of looking at these things that I’ve taken home and realizing that I’ve got them in a very cheap price. I can say that am proud being practical. I am a type of girl who couldn’t careless about the brand and the price tag. ‘Cause for me it is being able to bring it no matter what brand and how cheap it is.

PS: I am not bragging here. I am just super happy with what I’ve got here.




Whenever I hear “slip wear”, I always think of something slinky and sexy. They tend to look exactly like lingerie. Not to mention, it reminiscent of 90s fashion. Yes, 90s fashion is coming back in style this 2017 and I am sure you know about it. Yay! It is my favorite trend of all because it reminds me of my childhood days.

If you’re following me on instgram(@lingoongeung) I am sure that you’ve already seen me wearing this slip dress that I scored from “ukay”. It is best worn if you layered it over a round neck shirt or a turtle neck. 

Layered with Turtle Neck

I can be grunge in this outfit if only I wore booties or oxfords but I don’t think that it’ll be appropriate to where I am going.

I wore this outfit when I attended our Sunday Service yesterday. I wanted to be simple and not to overdress so I paired it with my fringe slip on plus my Luna Bag.

Outfit Details

I will end this post with outfit details. And also, credit to my cousin Jerr for patiently taking these pics.




Plumpy? Chubby? Well, I guess you belong. I have to admit, I am a plus size woman. And as a plus size woman, shopping for clothes was really a challenge for me. I’m always having a hard time looking for a fashionable clothes when sissy and I goes to Divisoria. Yes, I shop at DV, I am a type of girl who doesn’t want to spend too much money just to dress up. I always lookout for what’s affordable. I am “kuripot” sometimes. I am even contented on buying from thrift shops and overruns store as long as it will perfectly fits and looks nice on me. Well, there’s nothing wrong shopping at DV and thrift shops. Nowadays, we have to be wise. My PHP 1,000 can get at least 2-3 OOTDs at DV wayback when I was just that skinny b*tch. So the last time, when sissy and I went to DV, it was a hassle, long walks, scouting and too much crowd. I was hoping that I can get clothes for my size, but I didn’t 😦 I end up buying from Cotton On in China Town Mall for a White Denim Jumper for about PHP 800.00(50% off). Huhuhuhu 😥  I’m bit guilty, price per piece wasn’t good at all. After that “super hassle” experience at DV, I don’t like buying clothes from DV anymore 😦

Well, enough of the complains and worry no more as I’ve found, discovered an online shop where to buy fashionable plus size clothes for a very affordable price. Perfect for a “kuripot” like me 🙂

I’ve seen Ward88 floating around IG. It is an Online Shop which caters plus size woman like me. There are so many fashionable clothes to choose from and I can’t even decide what to put on my cart, hihihi 😀 But still I have to choose what I think what’s best for me. I end up choosing these 4 items and put them on my cart.

Mocha Off Shoulder Top – PHP 300.00

Clarice Candy Top – PHP 380.00

Blue Aloha Cropped Top – PHP 300.00

Black Assymetrical Skirt – PHP 380.00

Shipping Fee – PHP 129.00

Total – PHP 1,489.00

By the way, before placing my order, I have sign up for an account and filled up some details such as, name, contact number, billing and shipping address.

After finalizing my orders, I’ve decided to check out the items I ordered. I automatically received an email, confirming that they’ve got my orders and received the billing invoice too. Placing and confirmimg my order was a breeze. So I immediately logged in to online banking and paid the bill thru direct bank deposit. Hassle free right? No need to go on any remittance centers. You will be surprise when I tell you this, after paying the bill, my sister received my order the next day. Hahaha 😀 This is the fastest transaction I’ve ever experience. I can’t believe but I have to, ’cause it happened.

I wanna thank the owner for that hassle free transaction, no fuss. She even send me this booklet as freebie and funny how their tagline says “TABA TABA, PAANO KA GINAWA?“.I will definitely support their shop ’cause they’re 101% legit seller, I swear 😀

imageThank you Ward88, you have taught me that “STYLE HAS NO SIZE”. I can’t wait to ramp all of these in the office next week 🙂

PS: These items were sent over in our address in Philippines. Wanna know how I can get them? My cousin is coming over here in PNG and she’ll bring all of these stuffs.

x lin x