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Hi Guys! I am blogging again. I am trying as much as I could to post often, and it is very unusual for me. It is hard you know, especially that I am a full time worker, to find spare time and share you all what I have in my mind – and I am telling you that it’s a loooooot.

As I mention “unusual”, it relates to my post today. I guess that you’ve read on top what it is. YES, it’s a product review. It is very uncommon for me and Β I’ve never done any product review before. What makes me decide to write this is I want to give a feedback on this product. So let’s start.

If you’re looking for a blush that creates a naturally pinky cheeks, try this Sophie Magic Pink Cream. I also recommend this to make up starters especially when you’re on a budget. A 10ml tube only cost Php 120 and will last till 3-4 months as per my usage.

Wanna know why it’s magic?

If you squeeze the tube, a white cream will come out and when you start blending it, after 30 seconds, it magically turns to pink. So make sure to put only small amount when applying it ’cause at first you’ll think that it’s only white cream without knowing that you’ve put a lot on your cheeks(it happened to me, hahaha).

Use your finger tips and spread it evenly or else it will leave you pink mark- like a clown or your face may look like you got slapped by someone, hehe.


When applied to my cheeks


  • Gives you natural pinky cheeks
  • Easy to apply
  • Not pricey


  • It comes only in one shade
  • Only available at Sophie Paris Direct Seller/Authorize Dealer

Well, if you ask me if I am still going to purchase it, I’ll definitely say YES. It is very affordable and it’ll stay up to 12 hrs. Perfect also if you want that No Makeup makeup look ☺️

So there you go guys. If you have any questions, you can always freely ask in the comment box section. Hope you enjoy reading today’s post. Byeeeeeee


πŸ‘ΈπŸ» Lin



Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well. And yes, I am back with another post and decided to do a makeup blog as I am obsessing and getting hooked up on watching makeup vlogs on YouTube. I wanted to share you all this make up I did to myself.

I am not pro here so please no judging, hahaha πŸ˜… Let’s get quick here.

Here’s my Neutral Makeup Look a.k.a Pang Everyday Look daw


I am not good at filming(but hopefully I can someday) so instead of demonstrating how I did this make up, I’ll just give you these simple steps.

  • Moisturized my face
  • Corrected my face with small amount of BB Cream and concealed the dark spots and under eye area
  • Set with face powder for finishing
  • Filled up my eyebrows
  • Champagne Eyeshadow for my eyelids and dark brown for the crease. I combined also these 2 shades for the lower lash line
  • Applied fine black liner and mascara
  • Contoured my face, highlighted the required portion and applied blush
  • Applied lipstick in peach color

Here are the products I used on achieving this look πŸ˜„

That’s it!


So how do you like my makeup? It’s just simple di ba but look presentable. And also, effortless ’cause it took me only 15-20 minutes to finish this look.

Well I hope you like this post. And if you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to leave your comments on the comment box section.


πŸ‘ΈπŸ» Lin