Skulls In My Closet

Hello Istaylistas.. Shame on those who think that I’m gone forever here in blogosphere. And I am so happy to announce that I’m baaaack!

I want to share a story about the parcel I ordered from the “Home of Skull Stuff”Fashionmoto Shop.

I had conversation with the owner of Fashionmoto to reserve the black skull shirt they’re selling in their shop. +Wrey Swift (Wreyzza) gave me her bank account details where I can deposit the payment of my ordered item. I also gave her my complete shipping address to ship the package. Everything is all clear. The package was picked up by the courier. She gave me the tracking number to check the status of the item. The next day, I checked the status of my package, It was hold due to conflict of address. I was worried and immediately contacted Wreyzza. I also emailed the courier regarding with the status of my package. I told them that I’m disappointed on what happened with my package. I am sure that I gave the correct shipping address to Wreyzza. I don’t see any conflict about that blah blah blah…. Then the courier answer the email and confirm my shipping address and ask if I am from Brgy. San Miguel General Trias, Cavite. I replied them, “There’s no such place as Brgy. San Miguel here in GenTri, it is Brgy. San Gabriel. I texted Wreyzza about this and she told me that it was all her fault. She copied a wrong address. I laughed and texted her that it’s ok. The package was already transferred to LBC. All I have to do is to wait.

And finally, parcel from Fashionmoto Shop is here:

Black Skull Shirt with Black Skull Bracelet as freebie on patronizing Fashionmoto’s Shop. Wreyzza also sent a note saying “Thank you”.  You are always welcome Wreyzza. I am looking forward on seeing and meeting each other wearing our skull shirts and accessories.
Also, addition on my skull stuff collection from Lovestuff Clay Factory, Arm Candy Skull Bracelet.

I can’t wait to wear, ramp and rock these skull shirt and skull accessories. Thanks, Lovestuff Clay Factory and Fashionmoto shop on these skull stuffs. Happy Me 🙂 Hugs and Kisses from me.

FINDS: Japanese Stickers

Three days straight of blogging and it’s a record breaking for me, lol. These past days, I’ve been blogging about my new stuffs and new finds. And today, I want to share my haul from my favorite “abubot” store, Love Stuff Clay Factory. But this time, I didn’t order customized accessories or accessories made of clay. I found out that the owner is also selling Japanese Stickers for scrapbooking. Ok, here’s the photo of the stickers I ordered:

Cats and Pigs Japanese Stickers
These are soooo cute stickers. The texture of stickers are emboss, puffy, and soft. There are lots of kawaii cats and pigs with their different expressions, paw prints, fishes, and cakes. These are perfect for scrapbooking and making cards. Look where did I put the kawaii stickers 😀
Kawaii Stickers at the Back of my Phone

I put the stickers at the back of my phone. Isn’t cute? Also, I am planning to put these on my planner 🙂
Share your ideas by leaving your comment at the comment section. Hope you like it XD Kbye!

HAUL from Love Stuff Clay Factory

Wazzup blog? Almost forgot I had you. I’m so sorry blog 😦 As always, been busy at work and don’t have spare time to blog about what I’ve been doing lately. But now, I’ve got the chance to blog about my Recent Haul. So here’s the story:

I got addicted to this clay store where you can request your own design(customized). If you’re a follower of my blog, I’m sure you have read about my last year’s post. If you don’t know what I am talkin’ about, here’s a recap: (click here)
Accessories made of clay? Cool? But that’s not an ordinary clay we used to play when we were kiddos :D. Accessories were made of “POLYMER CLAY”, an oven-baked material that you can mold or you can sculpt. It comes in different colors.
Here are some of my accessories I ordered from Love Stuff Clay Factory:
 Plants VS Zombies Phone Charm
Domo Kun Necklace
I never got the chance to take photo of the Starbucks Phone charm I gave to Meryl as my Christmas Gift to her. But if you want to see, click here. She blogged about that 🙂
And wait, theres more:
Customized Accessories I ordered:
 Skull and Smiley Ring
Camera Bag Charm with Coffee Bean, Slice of Cake and Cookie
Wearing my Customized Skull Ring at the office
Lol, kill me now for ordering a lot of accessories. But this is not the end of my “ADDICTNESS”.
Have you heard about “PLUGY”? A plug-in earphone jack for IPhone. I also want to have it on my phone just like Dara’s phone:
Miffy Plugy
Love Stuff Clay Factory is now accepting orders for customized Plugy earphone jack. I’ve always wanted to be unique and different, so I ask Cheysser(owner of the store) to customize a plugy for me. Here’s my pick:
Super Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool
I ask Cheysser to customized 2 earphone jacks for me. Princess Toadstool’s head  for me and Super Mario’s head for??? Hahahaha. That’s my favorite video game actually 🙂 I can’t wait Cheysser to finish it. She said, she’ll finish it by next week. I’ll blog about that once I have them 🙂
Oh BTW, please please like Cheysser’s Page (click here). If you want to order, there is a complete detail on the page on how to order.

November Haul

I haven’t getting the time to update my blog lately because I’ve been really busy at our store. Blogging has become part of my life. Every time I hear, see or experience something that interests me, I feel I need to blog about it right away and share it with you all 🙂 And today, I want to share my November Haul.

Even though I’m, busy with our store, I have time pa din to shop some cute stuff thru malls and even online, lol.

And here they are:

Toms Red Replica Shoes
Hello Kitty Hand/Sling Bag
Black Leather Ribbon Wristlet | Key Necklace | Mickey Mouse Earrings

I bought the shoe from a bazaar.Very comfy niya. And first time ko bumili ng “RED” shoe. I bought naman the Hello Kitty Hand bag from a friend. I love collecting Hello Kitty Stuffs :). Lalo na kapag mga bags and purses. The third picture was a set of black accessories. The Key Necklace and Mickey Mouse earrings, I bought them from Macle(a friend of mine). The wristlet is from Folded and Hung.

Last November 16. I ordered shirt from Team Manila online:

“GANDA” Shirt (grabbed from Team Manila)

I hurriedly paid this shirt thru LBC after I received a billing invoice from them that I need to pay the item I ordered. After paying, I contacted them when will be the exact date to receive the package. They said that only 2-3 days. I was expecting to have it delivered last week but I didn’t receive it by Friday and I got worried so I immediately contacted them and they said that it got lost by Xend :(. I was sad about that and quite disappointed with what has happened with my package. The transaction was a hassle for me 😦 They emailed me and promised that I will be receiving the package right before December 6(my birthday). Yesterday, they emailed me again that they already shipped out the item and they gave me the tracking number. And right now, I’m expecting that I will be receiving it tomorrow morning.

I also ordered these online(kanina lang) and I need to pay it thru Globe GCash:

Starbucks Cellphone Charm
Domo Kun Necklace
Plants Vs. Zombies Cellphone Charm
I ordered these cute accessories from  Cheysser’s Love Stuff Clay Factory. If you like to order just click here.

I’m not bragging, lol. I’m just showing off what I’ve bought/purchased from malls and online shops. I’m just sharing these things to all my peers. Hope you enjoy reading this post about what I’ve bought this month of November 🙂 XOXO


Plans, notes, to-dos, and whatever, loooool. You can write it up on a planner. Actually, I have my planner for 2011. But, gusto ko bumili ulit. In other words, “I NEED A REPLACEMENT”.. May nakita kase ako through Google.. Ok here is the picture of my planner right now..

This planner is from my friend. Birthday present niya sa akin.. What I love about this planner is the velvet cover at ‘yung SB chain niya. Lol, swear, di ko pa masyado nagagamit.. Wala naman kase ako masyado plans this year.. Tssss…. Gusto ko talaga ‘yung nakita ko sa Google.. Hmmmm, so I’ve decided na kuhanin ‘yung picture na ‘yun and put it right here on the Blog.. Here it is:

This planner is sooooo win. Pero di ko naman alam kung saan bibili nito.. I googled the location of Emily the Strange Store, sad to say na wala siya store dito sa Philippines :(.. Eto lang ‘yung nakita ko: just click here. And the planner is not available..
(photo from Google)
 If I can have this, I’ll write all my strange plans, loljk.. I hope, eto ‘yung planner ko for 2012. If not, just a collectors item. So if you know kung saan meron, tell me or pwede niyo na din ako ibili, lmao. Kbye 😀