“I bet everybody here is FAKE HAPPY too” after Paramore announced that they have to postpone their concert in Jakarta and Manila. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams struggle with a throat and upper respiratory infection. Hayley personally apologized on Facebook regarding the cancellation of the show.

Paramore’s Manila concert is supposed to happen tonight, February 18, 2018 at MOA Arena. But because Hayley needs rest, they have decided to delay the show. But hey, hold your tickets and they’ve rescheduled the show on August 23, 2018.

I know the Filipino fans are disappointed. But instead of getting disappointed, why we not just pray and hope for Hayley to get better the soonest?

I love Paramore since 2007. One of my greatest dream is to watch their concert. But unfortunately, I can’t make it for the third time because of working abroad. But I’d like to dedicate this post to Paramore and pretend that I’m goin to watch their concert, hihihi.


“Hard Times” Paramore Shirt | Hot Topic

Little Black Dress worn as Skirt | Thrifted

Black Creepers | Thrifted

That’s all for now and hope you like this post.

PS: Thanks to my cousin Shane for the Paramore Shirt. One of the best gift I had on my Birthday last year.



Thank God it’s Friday. Friday always reminds me that the following day is weekend, when I can relax, chill and won’t be thinking about work. I always imagine that I’ll get stuck on Weekend, watching movie, cook, eat, sleep and then Saturday, Sunday and Saturday again. But hello, the reality is there’s Weekdays(sigh) and you need to work so you’ll survive(adulting). Ok no more complaints from me and I’ll move on, hihi.

Today, I am back with outfit post. I can’t remember when was my last OOTD post. And it is not only myself who’s back but also my Skull Leggings. I found it together with my old clothes that I am planning to sell. And you know what, I nearly dump this precious leggings of mine. Just so you know, I have this leggings for 5 years and it’s one of my favorite. I featured this leggings twice already here in blog and after ages, I am wearing it again.

Outfit Details

Our office doesn’t require to wear a decent or office attire every Friday so I can be just casual or plain. I paired my skull leggings with a shirt dress ’cause for me, they are great combination.

I don’t have a full outfit photo so I had to take a separate photo of what shoes I am wearing.

Sandals | Toms

How do you like my badass leggings?

That’s all for now. I’m up to preparing a Life Lately post and video of our recent trip to Koitaki Papua New Guinea. Promise I’ll post them the soonest. Hope you have an awesome weekend.



Love Package from My Aunt

Hello Loves, I’m blogging again. Just want to blog about the “PASALUBONG” I received from my aunt last Friday. I’m sure you’ve read about Jean’s pasalubong for me. And nothings change, another kikay stuffs for me. So here they are: (hahaha, I’m not bragging)
A set of Art for Eyes. Here’s what the box included:
2 Eye shadow Palette, with Cream Eyeliner and Eye Highlighter

More Eye Crayons, eyeliner that doubles as an eye shadow 😀 
I bought an eye pencil sharpener to sharpen my eye crayons/pencils because I’ve got lot of eye crayons in my make up pouch *_*
Different color variations of Liquid Eyeliner
I haven’t tried this yet. I still have my Elf Liquid Eyeliner for my everyday use.
Wet N’ Wild Lipsticks

A set of Make Up Applicator
Includes, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye blending brush, sponge applicator, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lash & brow groomer, lip brush, mirror and case included 🙂

Manicure Perfection, for my Nail care
Includes a battery operated nail buffing file, with 6 boards, cuticle cream, top coat, base coat, and 2 toe separators 🙂
And last,
3 Super Mario Shirts.

I want to thank my aunt for giving all of these stuffs. You really know what I want. I guess, I’ll put these items to good use :). Thank you thank you so so so much.

With love, Lin

Joining and Winning a Blog Giveaway

I really believe sa saying na “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”.
April 18, 2012, I opened my yahoo account at the office and the email said:
OMFG! I didn’t expect that I won from one of the blog giveaways I’ve joined(sobrang di makapaniwala) :O  Sa sobrang tuwa ko, sinabi ko sa aunt ko and she said “HOW I WISH HINDI YAN SCAM” and I answered “NO, HINDI ITO SCAM. MATAKOT AKO KUNG ALAM KO NA WALA AKO SINALIHAN TAPOS NANALO AKO BIGLA”. Nothing to worry. I joined kase Ms. Aisa Ipac’s a.ka. “Drowning Equilibriums” 2012 Giveaway Series: CLOSET Chic(click link to see post). Wahaha, how I won this contest ba? Ahmmm, 1. I am a follower of Ms. Aisa Ipac’s blog, 2. I followed Closet Chic on Facebook, 3. I shared the giveaways on my FB and linked Closet Chic. We’re two winners out of 92 who joined this blog giveaway. Lucky mee :D. So I hurriedly replied them with my complete shipping details in order to ship the prize. I am so overwhelmed and got so excited that day.
Yesterday, the prize was delivered around 12pm before we leave to watch The Avengers. Look what I’ve got:
 Sheer Pastel Buttondown Polo by Closet Chic
I’m sure, the1st prize was sent to the other winner which is a Printed Kimono(you may see it here). Lucky pa din to have this pastel color sheer top although hindi napunta sa akin ‘yung printed kimono which I’d love also to have too 🙂

Baby Lips Lip Moisturizing Balm by Maybelline
Actually, this is not included from the blog giveaway. Ms. Aisa gave this as an extra gift because of her delayed shipment. And I thanked her many times.
I posted on my FB the prizes I got. Jean asked me to upload a close up pix of the lip balm. Parang iba daw kase ‘yung baby lips sa kanila(nasa U.S kase siya). She wants to know how packaging varies from different locations. Oh Jean ‘eto naaaaaa:
Chapstick Style/Version, whatevs!
Jean also uploaded pix of her Baby lips. And look the difference:  

Lipstick Version? Lol
Jean asked me kung gusto ko ba daw ng ibang flavor and pasalubungan niya ako kase malapit na siya umuwi sa Pinas. I-add niya na lang sa ibang pasalubong niya. Lol, of course naman! -hahaha.

BIRTHDAY OOTD : Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon sa Ganda

Ms. Pouty Lips
Hi I’m Lin, 24. I’m working at our own store(self-employed) and a blogger at the same time. I’m a frustrated fashion stylist, lol. “Kaya dinadaan ko na lang sa blog itong pagiging fashionista kuno ko”. I just wanna share my style lang naman. And today, I wanna share you what’s my OOTD when I celebrated my birthday last December 06, 2011. Here are some sneaks:
“Ganda” Shirt by Team Manila Lifestyle 
Stonewash Denim Shorts by OP
Black Leather Ribbon Wristlet by F & H 
Black Nerd Eyeglasses
Red Toms Replica Shoes
Domo Kun Sling Bag
Wearing my Team Manila Shirt saying, “Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon sa Ganda” and paired it with Denim Stone-wash Shorts and also my red sneaks. I accentuate it with Black Leather Ribbon wristlet, black nerd eyeglasses. Am I cute? Haha. Medyo natuwa yung mga friends ko at na-cute-an(aheeem) sa mga photos ko kaya ginawaan nila ako ng collage. Here oh:
Pang-Lookbook by Chico
Collage-collage-an by Meryl
 You can also visit Meryl’s blog: here
She’s an amaaazziing Blogger 🙂
For Blog Header by Mher
Thanks guys. Appreciated much.
And here’s my LookBook Version:
You may also see the other photos here. Ok just click.
Thanks also to my sister for the photo shoot.
Hope you enjoy my OOTD. You can leave a comment on the comment section. Kbye

November Haul

I haven’t getting the time to update my blog lately because I’ve been really busy at our store. Blogging has become part of my life. Every time I hear, see or experience something that interests me, I feel I need to blog about it right away and share it with you all 🙂 And today, I want to share my November Haul.

Even though I’m, busy with our store, I have time pa din to shop some cute stuff thru malls and even online, lol.

And here they are:

Toms Red Replica Shoes
Hello Kitty Hand/Sling Bag
Black Leather Ribbon Wristlet | Key Necklace | Mickey Mouse Earrings

I bought the shoe from a bazaar.Very comfy niya. And first time ko bumili ng “RED” shoe. I bought naman the Hello Kitty Hand bag from a friend. I love collecting Hello Kitty Stuffs :). Lalo na kapag mga bags and purses. The third picture was a set of black accessories. The Key Necklace and Mickey Mouse earrings, I bought them from Macle(a friend of mine). The wristlet is from Folded and Hung.

Last November 16. I ordered shirt from Team Manila online:

“GANDA” Shirt (grabbed from Team Manila)

I hurriedly paid this shirt thru LBC after I received a billing invoice from them that I need to pay the item I ordered. After paying, I contacted them when will be the exact date to receive the package. They said that only 2-3 days. I was expecting to have it delivered last week but I didn’t receive it by Friday and I got worried so I immediately contacted them and they said that it got lost by Xend :(. I was sad about that and quite disappointed with what has happened with my package. The transaction was a hassle for me 😦 They emailed me and promised that I will be receiving the package right before December 6(my birthday). Yesterday, they emailed me again that they already shipped out the item and they gave me the tracking number. And right now, I’m expecting that I will be receiving it tomorrow morning.

I also ordered these online(kanina lang) and I need to pay it thru Globe GCash:

Starbucks Cellphone Charm
Domo Kun Necklace
Plants Vs. Zombies Cellphone Charm
I ordered these cute accessories from  Cheysser’s Love Stuff Clay Factory. If you like to order just click here.

I’m not bragging, lol. I’m just showing off what I’ve bought/purchased from malls and online shops. I’m just sharing these things to all my peers. Hope you enjoy reading this post about what I’ve bought this month of November 🙂 XOXO