Love Package from My Aunt

Hello Loves, I’m blogging again. Just want to blog about the “PASALUBONG” I received from my aunt last Friday. I’m sure you’ve read about Jean’s pasalubong for me. And nothings change, another kikay stuffs for me. So here they are: (hahaha, I’m not bragging)
A set of Art for Eyes. Here’s what the box included:
2 Eye shadow Palette, with Cream Eyeliner and Eye Highlighter

More Eye Crayons, eyeliner that doubles as an eye shadow 😀 
I bought an eye pencil sharpener to sharpen my eye crayons/pencils because I’ve got lot of eye crayons in my make up pouch *_*
Different color variations of Liquid Eyeliner
I haven’t tried this yet. I still have my Elf Liquid Eyeliner for my everyday use.
Wet N’ Wild Lipsticks

A set of Make Up Applicator
Includes, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eye blending brush, sponge applicator, eyeliner brush, brow brush, lash & brow groomer, lip brush, mirror and case included 🙂

Manicure Perfection, for my Nail care
Includes a battery operated nail buffing file, with 6 boards, cuticle cream, top coat, base coat, and 2 toe separators 🙂
And last,
3 Super Mario Shirts.

I want to thank my aunt for giving all of these stuffs. You really know what I want. I guess, I’ll put these items to good use :). Thank you thank you so so so much.

With love, Lin


FINDS: 3D Nail art Accessories

Hello loves. I’m sure you already knew that I love nail art. Been trying to scout for tools and accessories. I found few 3D nail art accessories that I’m sure you’ll love.

Been seeing a lot of nail art with Fimo Canes. Fimo is also a brand of polymer clay(which I am talking about with my last post). Good thing, Lovestuff Clay Factory is also selling sliced fimo canes via Facebook for a very cheap price, Php 50 for 100 pcs assorted designs, approximately 50 cents each slice. Here’s a sneak with the sliced fimos I’ve bought:

 A Sliced of Apple fimo, hmmmm looks juicy ;p
 Cute Yellow Bunny, hello there bunny.
 There’s also Mymelody Fimos, can’t wait to use them 🙂
Also, Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Fimo, aren’t they cute?
I’ve sorted all the fimos according to their designs. There’s so many designs to choose from. You can check them out by clicking here 🙂
(I do not own this photo)
You can bought them as canes but you need to slice them with a penknife or a cutter. But me, I’ve bought them sliced because I’m too lazy to slice them, lol.
Ok lets move on.
 12 Color Nail Art Manicure Wheel with Heart Rhinestones

Got this from Jean’s pasalubong. I also found out that Love Stuff Clay Factory is also selling these stones. Php 25 for 100 pcs in assorted colors. You can check it out here.
Even my sister loves them too. She wanted me to share these to her.
I’ve tried some on my nails. I applied nail polish and stick on the decor and clear nail polish on top.
Hello Kitty Nails, using Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Fimo

My nail design I’ve made yesterday, using White Rhinestones

WARNING: Hauling for these things can be so ADDICTIVE, loljk.
Nail-aholics, I hope I’ve helped you out with these things. If you want to share yours, feel free to leave a comment below.

Love Package From Miss Janne

Hi, I’m baaaack from the outer space, lol. I’m blogging again after ages. Uhmmm, here’s what I’m up to after  my “BULUTONG” Invasion.
Package from Jean Anne Ong

Finally, one of my super girlfriend is now here in the PI. And just got my package from her. Lovely 🙂 Here they are.
EYE PENCILS, a radiant eyeliner that also doubles as an eye shadow.

Sonia Kashuk Eye Pencil in Gold and Silver Shimmer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
Victoria’s Secret Pink Me Up Chubby Eye Crayon
Soft Kohl White Eyeliner
Mark’s Mosaic Blush with it’s magnetic case.

Stila Lip Glaze in Apricot 
A moisturizing pencil lipstick gives soft, seductive look and luminous pout.

Elf Liquid Eyeliner
Jean’s # 1 fav eyeliner because it’s a smudge-proof liner creating a long lasting look. I like it too.

Nail Accessories
OMFG, these are love. Specially the nail strips from Kiss. Also, I need to buy an extra nail glue for the nail beads, lol.

Victoria’s Secret Make Up Pouch
Where I can put bunch of make up 🙂
I guess, I’ll put these items to good use. Thanks Jean for these lovely “PASALUBONG“.

Stick-On Flower Decor on Purple Glittery Base

It’s been a week when a pimple appeared right on my cheek and I really hate it(till now andito pa din siya). So I’d stop “muna” my FOTD post. I’m soooo shy tuloy to take some portrait photos of mine because of my “yucky red spot” : |

Since I’m on a “No to FOTD” days, I’ll post here on blog about what I’ve done with my nails.(Maybe a week pa na ganito post ko) I used my Mini Nail Polish Set and Stick-On Nail Decors. Ok here is the result of my “Katamaran”, lol.

Remember that I posted here on blog that I’ll share you if I already used some of my nail accessories? Here is a recap: Click Here.
I’m in a “Katamaran” days also, lol. Medyo tinamad ako mag-nail art. And as you noticed, I already cut my long hard nails. Nabali na kase siya and I have no choice but to cut them. And also I have an allergy(you can also notice them on the picture).
Eto ‘yung mga ginamit ko for doing this:
First, you are going to start it out with a base of these Purple and Glittery Polish. Let it dry.
Peel decors from backing and press using the orange woodstick on desired nail. Apply top coat to seal decors.
And here is a closer look of my nails:
This is the result of my “Katamaran”. Since marami pa naman akong stickers, eto ‘yung gagawin ko kapag medyo tinatamad ako mag-nail art, lol :D. I made a wrong decission pa nga with the combination. Lol, but this is only a trial. I’ll try hard na lang for the next.
BTW, I wanna thank all the blog readers, followers and my facebook friends who keeps reading my blog. Nakakataba ng puso, lol. As in “SUPER THANK YOU”.
So till my next blog post. XOXO

Second Batch of Nail Polishes/Nail Accessories

Remember, I posted here on blog about my first batch of nail polishes and nail accessories? Ok, just click here to see them and review my post 😀

And today, I’ll share you my second batch of nail polishes and nail accessories.

It’s my Aunt’s “PASALUBONG”(includes make-up, seperate blog post) Na-excite ako sa “PASALUBONG”. Ok here it is:

Stick-On Nail Decors(6pcs)
Mini Nail polish Set(24 pcs)
Kiss Nail Artist Accessories(with stencil kit/white, black and glittery polishes)
TIP TO TOE Hand and Feet Care

These includes a 4 way buffing board(1. Evens 2. Smoothens 3. Buffs 4. Shines), nail brush, fingernail clipper, nail scissors, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper, nail file and a toenail clipper.
I haven’t use this, lol. I’ll post na lang siguro kung nagamit ko na siya on my nail designs 🙂 and sana, meron akong third batch, lmao 😀
Eto yung gusto ko for third batch, click here and here.
I hope you enjoy reading my blog post. You can leave your comment or suggestions below or right there on my Cbox, lol. Chao!
Lin (‘oo’)

My First Batch of Nail Polishes/Accessories for this Year

Yellow, Red Orange, Lavender, Frosted Blue from Sinful Colors Proffessionals
Moma(238) from NYC
The rest don’t have a label

I took a picture of my imported nail polishes. Lol, sorry for bragging but I’m just excited. I really love the yellow one. I’m expecting the second batch this coming month of May. Waiting for my aunt’s “PASALUBONG”(smiling with full of excitement).

Nail File from Aerosoles

Hahahaha this is not a popsicle stick, this is a Nail File. Obviously, I use this for shaping up my long hard nails 😀 I love this because of it’s rainbow color.
Nail accessories/bead/gems

This is the very exciting part, putting up some gems/beads on my nails(nakakagawa ako ng flower etc. through this thing lol)
And I’m still waiting for my Aunt’s “PASALUBONG”. I hope mas marami pa ang dumating(laughing)