Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well. And yes, I am back with another post and decided to do a makeup blog as I am obsessing and getting hooked up on watching makeup vlogs on YouTube. I wanted to share you all this make up I did to myself.

I am not pro here so please no judging, hahaha 😅 Let’s get quick here.

Here’s my Neutral Makeup Look a.k.a Pang Everyday Look daw


I am not good at filming(but hopefully I can someday) so instead of demonstrating how I did this make up, I’ll just give you these simple steps.

  • Moisturized my face
  • Corrected my face with small amount of BB Cream and concealed the dark spots and under eye area
  • Set with face powder for finishing
  • Filled up my eyebrows
  • Champagne Eyeshadow for my eyelids and dark brown for the crease. I combined also these 2 shades for the lower lash line
  • Applied fine black liner and mascara
  • Contoured my face, highlighted the required portion and applied blush
  • Applied lipstick in peach color

Here are the products I used on achieving this look 😄

That’s it!


So how do you like my makeup? It’s just simple di ba but look presentable. And also, effortless ’cause it took me only 15-20 minutes to finish this look.

Well I hope you like this post. And if you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to leave your comments on the comment box section.


👸🏻 Lin




Most of the lady bloggers are sharing “What’s in my bag?” post and this has been floating around IG and Tumblr since. I am curious like a cat what sort of stuffs do they have in their bag so I consider this as a “must read blog”, hihihi. As a blogger, I want to do the same. I thought of doing this as a vlog BUT I am not confident and I might stuffed up, hahaha. So I’ll forget about vlogging and just do like what I did before, just click here. I want to share what I currently have in my bag. But first, let me tell you a short introduction about the bag before I share what was inside.

Luna Replica Bag. Well if you know Usagi Tsukino(Sailor Moon) you’ll know Luna too. Luna is the talking black cat that advises Usagi and other Sailor Soldiers. She has partner named Artemis, the white cat who awakens Sailor V(Ok that’s a trivia, lol).  My sister ordered this bag online, click here. The store owner is having a clearance sale and the Luna and Artemis bag were on a very very special price. Guess how much? They sell it for only Php 600(USD 12) for 2 and if you get only 1 it will cost Php 400 (USD 8). It’s super cheap so I immediately told my sister to order it rather than getting an authentic Samantha Vega which cost a thousands and I don’t have budget for it -_-. As I’ve read in some reviews, the authentic and replica looks the same but may be the quality is different, you think? I thought I might take a risk of ordering a fake and cheap SV but I was wrong. I have the bag for more than 6 months now and it’s still in a very good condition and it’s all worth it.


The Metallic crescent moon and chain straps has tiny discolorations but you won’t even notice till you have a closer look. What good is, no signs of rusting.

Some metal feet just like what you see in Coach Bags.

There are inner and outer pockets.


The bag can be closed by magnetic button.

I attached this little Moon Stick Keychain I’ve got from Hatah Hatah, it matches the bag.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
It’s made of leather material, a small purse but it holds my essentials and a couple more stuffs. So here’s what’s inside. We’ll start from left to right.


  • My iPhone 6 that I’ve got 2 years ago as birthday gift for myself. I always have my phone with me. I use this for work related calls and taking photos. It also has tons of music from iTunes. I protected it with My Melody printed jelly case I’ve got from my sister’s shop.
  • Company ID, Work Permit ID and ATM.
  • Hello Kitty Coin Purse where I put my coins. I got this from Divisoria for only Php 35.
  • Contact Lens and Case if I don’t feel like wearing glasses at work ’cause I look a bit nerdy so I wear lenses instead.
  • Maybelline BB Stick and Nude Matte Lipstick. I have to limit the amount of my beauty essentials ’cause they might not all fit in my bag. So I only carry these two must haves.
  • Sunnies for shading my eyes to protect it from the sun.
  • BYS Blush in Trio, it comes with cheek blush, highlighter and contour.
  • Blush on Applicator. Since my BYS doesn’t come with a brush, I had to bring one.
  • Hello Kitty Wet Wipes, it’s very handy and ideal for clean ups for hands and face. I also use this after peeing 🙂
  • Baby Bench Cologne in Jelly Bean, my favorite baby cologne since forever. It makes me feel like I’m a grade school, hahaha.
  • EO Eye Solution that disinfects and lubricates my lenses
  • House and Office Keys ’cause I am responsible on holding the office keys. Also, the keychains – the blue fish that looks like Dory is from Boracay, the strawberry is from Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio and the Sailor Moon Cosmic Power again from Hatah Hatah.

There it goes. How do you like what’s inside my bag? Anything similar to yours? If you’ve ever shared a post like this on your blog, drop the link in the comments so I can snoop.




Hello First Day of August. Time flown by so fast and we’re on the 8th month of the year. Hooray! But nothing really exciting that I know that’s gonna happen this month, hahaha. I hope that there’s gonna be a “surprise holiday” again here in PNG like what happened in the last couple of months. I am HUMAN, who doesn’t want Holidays-no work during these days? Ok, enough of the expectations and let’s all move on.

With my previous entry(click here for the recap), I’ve mentioned that I’m gonna do a separate post on What’s In My Make Up Bag/Pouch. I wanted to share with y’all what my daily essentials are. But before I start off, let me share you a short story.

I remember how I got so addicted on hoarding make ups and watching those make up tutorials on YouTube and I was trying to do it myself way back 2010, haha. Honestly, I don’t really buy my make ups. 75% of make ups were just given by my friends and relatives from U.S as their pasalubongs. Oh how lucky am I :). You may all see them here and here.

And now for today’s entry, let me show you what I usually have in my-make-up-pouch.


1. L’OREAL MAGIC SMOOTH SOUFFLE. A mousse foundation that creates flawless and even toned finish. It’s oil-free and non-sticky. I got this from Chemist(The Watson’s of Australia) for AUD 10.00.

2. HAYAN SILKY FACE POWDER. It adds shimmer to your face and I use it to finish off my make up.

3. MAYBELINE BB STICK. To erase/cover up dark spots but can use it also as foundation.

4. WEDGE SPONGE. I was using it on removing excess eye shadows and eyeliners.

5. FLORMAR EYELINER PEN. I love using this pen liner. The application is very quick especially when you’re on a rush and it’s waterproof, it’ll last for a day.

6. NYX JUMBO EYE PENCIL, BLACK BEAN. My very favorite eye pencil from Jean. I was using it on creating black smokey eyes.

7. MAYBELLINE GREAT LASH MASCARA. Giving me long, thick lashes.

8. CLINIQUE EYESHADOW PALETTE. I’ve been using this eye shadow for a long time. Got this from Aunt Marie as her Christmas Gift dated back 2009. It comes in four shades of eye shadow, frosted white, green, purple and bronze.

9. APPLICATORS. Brushes that I use for blending the eye shadows.

10. ELF EYEBROW KIT. This eyebrow kit helps me create that “matarush na kilay“. It makes your brows more thicker, fuller and defined.

11. MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS. I didn’t buy this lip balm, I actually got it from a blog giveaway here. I use it to keep my lips hydrated.

12. LIPSTICKS. I always have two shades of lipstick in my pouch, one pink(the-five-dollar-lipstick from Chemist) and one red(Wet and Wild). When I have no time to put on make up or when I’m on a rush, my trick is to put on a brighter lipstick to create that I-don’t-give-a-damn-I-am-beautiful look, lol.

13. ELF ALL OVER COLOR STICK. It’s a 3 in 1 color stick for your eyes, lips and face, but I only use this as blush 🙂

14. EYELASH CURLER. For curling eyelashes before I apply the mascara.

15. TONY MOLY PETITE BUNNY GLOSSBAR. I think this brand is from Korea. It’s a lipstigloss(lipstick and lipgloss in one) with adorably bunny caps, hihi so cute.

16. CAT FACE MAKE UP POUCH/BAG. From my previous entry, this cat pouch is from Ate Len. Best to put in the make ups because the pouch was made of plastic material(I dunno what kind of material is that, hahaha) and it’s bulky.

It’s quite a loooot and good thing that it all fits in one pouch :). Now it’s your turn – what’s currently on your make up bag?

PS: I am thinking if I’ll change my blog name. Any suggestions? Kbye.

Joining and Winning a Blog Giveaway

I really believe sa saying na “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”.
April 18, 2012, I opened my yahoo account at the office and the email said:
OMFG! I didn’t expect that I won from one of the blog giveaways I’ve joined(sobrang di makapaniwala) :O  Sa sobrang tuwa ko, sinabi ko sa aunt ko and she said “HOW I WISH HINDI YAN SCAM” and I answered “NO, HINDI ITO SCAM. MATAKOT AKO KUNG ALAM KO NA WALA AKO SINALIHAN TAPOS NANALO AKO BIGLA”. Nothing to worry. I joined kase Ms. Aisa Ipac’s a.ka. “Drowning Equilibriums” 2012 Giveaway Series: CLOSET Chic(click link to see post). Wahaha, how I won this contest ba? Ahmmm, 1. I am a follower of Ms. Aisa Ipac’s blog, 2. I followed Closet Chic on Facebook, 3. I shared the giveaways on my FB and linked Closet Chic. We’re two winners out of 92 who joined this blog giveaway. Lucky mee :D. So I hurriedly replied them with my complete shipping details in order to ship the prize. I am so overwhelmed and got so excited that day.
Yesterday, the prize was delivered around 12pm before we leave to watch The Avengers. Look what I’ve got:
 Sheer Pastel Buttondown Polo by Closet Chic
I’m sure, the1st prize was sent to the other winner which is a Printed Kimono(you may see it here). Lucky pa din to have this pastel color sheer top although hindi napunta sa akin ‘yung printed kimono which I’d love also to have too 🙂

Baby Lips Lip Moisturizing Balm by Maybelline
Actually, this is not included from the blog giveaway. Ms. Aisa gave this as an extra gift because of her delayed shipment. And I thanked her many times.
I posted on my FB the prizes I got. Jean asked me to upload a close up pix of the lip balm. Parang iba daw kase ‘yung baby lips sa kanila(nasa U.S kase siya). She wants to know how packaging varies from different locations. Oh Jean ‘eto naaaaaa:
Chapstick Style/Version, whatevs!
Jean also uploaded pix of her Baby lips. And look the difference:  

Lipstick Version? Lol
Jean asked me kung gusto ko ba daw ng ibang flavor and pasalubungan niya ako kase malapit na siya umuwi sa Pinas. I-add niya na lang sa ibang pasalubong niya. Lol, of course naman! -hahaha.