Back for Good

If you’re a follower of Istaylista’s Fan Page on FB, I’m sure you’ve read about my announcement that I am goin’ through a couple of changes. What I am talkin’ about is changing my blog layout/template, fonts etc. I was woking on it right now(nah, I’m not that busy that’s why I’m blogging) and I was trying to change it. But, WTH is goin’ on? I can’t change it. Can somebody give me a good site where I can get HTML or CSS code for the layout(major problem)? I’ll work on it once it is ok to change the layout. And yess I finally changed the fonts, background color and put skulls on the title. Like it?
Moving on….. I’m sorry for being MIA on the blogosphere. But hey, I’m still kicking and I’m back. And I wanted to share with you guys some photos and random stories what I’ve been up to.
December 4, 2012

Finally, got my braces on. “Lakas daw maka-Camille Prats”

December 06, 2012
I celebrated my 25th Birthday
I want to thank God for giving me another year and thank Him for all the blessings he has given me all these years. I would like also to thank all those people who wished me a Happy Birthday. You are all so sweet.
December 18, 2012
I received package from Fashionmoto
What’s inside? A badass skull leggings, ring and earrings from +wReY sWiFt (blogger I’ve met who is also a skull addict, owner of Fashionmoto) Thanks Wrey.
December 22, 2012
Sissy’s 18th Birthday
We had a blast on my Sister’s 18th Birthday. My mom, aunt and I, organized her simple birthday party with full of surprises. I made her cry. I love you sis.
December 25, 2012
This photo was taken last Christmas Eve.
And what I wore on Christmas Day?
SKULLISTA- a person who wears everything with skulls on it.
Top, Thrifted | Skull Leggings, Ring and Earrings, Fashionmoto Shop | Havaianas Freedom Black
And also,
I redeemed the 17 stickers and got this Starbucks Limited Edition Planner 2013. It comes with 3 colors(green, black and white) I chose white. I can use this for managing my workload 😀
December 29, 2012
My Aunt Nitz just got her new baby, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and then she gave me her Iphone 3GS. I thank her many times. I love you Mama Nits. Best Christmas gift ever.
BTW, I’m on Instagram now. Follow me. You can find me by typing in my username lin_kin_park bhulinlin. Here are some of my best photos from Instagram:
Cheers to the awesome 2012 has been. 2012 is good year for me. I want to thank God for giving me that awesome year. I have no idea what 2013 is gonna be but I’m goin’ to live through it no matter what and how crazy it’ll be.
This 2013, I’ll FORGET things that stupid people have said about me, FOCUS on the people who truly love and care for me and CARRY on what I enjoy and do it with extra knowledge.
That’s all folks. “HAPPY 2013”

Halloween Headbands

We are 5 days away from Halloween. Do you have your costumes picked? As I’ve said from my previous post, I am planning to wear a Skull Printed Tank Top and pair it with black leggings. Here’s a photo for you to see:
 I love seeing everyone dressed up in their Halloween costumes. But I don’t want to dress up. I mean, I don’t personally wear Halloween suit but still I want to be festive and stylish this Halloween. So I got an idea of buying these Spooktacular Halloween Headbands  from department store. Perfect way to finish off my Halloween Suit. Here are some photos wearing 4 spooky headbands. 
 The Demon and The Elf, BTW, I’d like you to meet my Aunt Nitz. 

 Me as Ms. Pumpkin 🙂, wearing pumpkin headband

Here’s my pick. Perfect for my Halloween Outfit. Jaraaaaannnnn:
Elias Paniki ang peg 🙂

Black Bat Headband, I am so cute in this photo(yabang lang, lol)
There are so many cute headbands to choose from and I end up with buying 4 headbands(I am goin’ to give the 3 headbands to the kids) If you’re like me and you want to join the Halloween fun without a fuss, then Halloween Headbands are perfect for you 🙂

My Heart is YOURS

Hello lovelies! Just dropping by to ask you hows your Saturday? I’ve spent the Saturday at home, watching movies on cable channel(The Pirates of the Caribbean Marathon) and cartoons also(The Adventure Time), lol. I also went to our town’s bazzare and this hairpin caught my attention. A heart-shaped Hairpin. Got the title of this post from my favorite song “MY HEART” by my favorite rock band Paramore. I don’t care how many times I played it. I just love the meaning of the song. I am leaving you with the video of the song so you can relate. Hope y’all like it.


Oh Hi! Been “KAWAII” lately. I wanted to share 2 cute stuffs I purchased these past days.
 Eye Mask from SM Dept. Store
So I can have a “BONGGANG” Sleep -_-
Anime Hat from Chikara Hats
I’m sure you’ve seen Myrtle(PBB Teen 4 Housemate) wearing Anime Hats at PBB House. Izzzo kyot. I bought it from here o,O They also have White Panda, the exact same hat worn by Myrtle which she got from them. Chikara Hats accept shipping via LBC. So place your order here.
Here’s my fav photo of the Day: (I’m crazy and i know it)
“I want someone who knows how completely insane I am, and yet wouldn’t want me any other way ♥”

On the other news, last Apr 18, I received an email from Ms. Aisa Ipac. She emailed me that I won from her 2012 Giveaway by Closet Chic. OMG, I didn’t expect. Let me share the prize: click here. I’m so excited to receive the prize, lol. I’ll blog about that once I already receive it.

The Comebaaaaaack!

And I’m so so so baaaaack again here on blog. I want you to know that I’m still breathing and alive 😀  Been busy at work lately and I’m on a “major major” vacation right now. YESSS! Here’s a snapshot what I’m up to:
#madgirl #whispering #stressed #constipated #unsure #daydreaming
Co-bloggers and readers, enjoy your Holy Week Vacation 🙂