“I bet everybody here is FAKE HAPPY too” after ParamoreΒ announced that they have to postpone their concert in Jakarta and Manila. Lead vocalist Hayley Williams struggle with a throat and upper respiratory infection. Hayley personally apologized on Facebook regarding the cancellation of the show.

Paramore’s Manila concert is supposed to happen tonight, February 18, 2018 at MOA Arena. But because Hayley needs rest, they have decided to delay the show. But hey, hold your tickets and they’ve rescheduled the show on August 23, 2018.

I know the Filipino fans are disappointed. But instead of getting disappointed, why we not just pray and hope for Hayley to get better the soonest?

I love Paramore since 2007. One of my greatest dream is to watch their concert. But unfortunately, I can’t make it for the third time because of working abroad. But I’d like to dedicate this post to Paramore and pretend that I’m goin to watch their concert, hihihi.


“Hard Times” Paramore Shirt |Β Hot Topic

Little Black Dress worn as Skirt | Thrifted

Black Creepers | Thrifted

That’s all for now and hope you like this post.

PS: Thanks to my cousin Shane for the Paramore Shirt. One of the best gift I had on my Birthday last year.


If there’s a time machine and if I have given a chance to go back, I’ll definitely go back in the 90s. There’s so much to appreciate in this decade.

The decade when……

  1. I played pogs, teks, chinese garter, taguan (hide and seek) and other street games.
  2. I spent my baon on buying paper dolls or if I don’t have extra money to buy one, I use to make my own paper doll using a cardboard paper.
  3. I didn’t have Game Boy but I had Brick Game given by my Dad.
  4. I’ve watched cartoons like, Sailor Moon, Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, X-Men and Ninja Turtles. Sentais like Mask Man, Bioman and Power Rangers.
  5. I listened to the songs of Spice, Girls, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC in the cassette tape.
  6. I’ve watched movies by renting VHS tapes and played it on VHS Player.
  7. And even fashion has no exception, wore crop top, chokers, full of denim, combat and elevated shoes.

No doubt, I have an awesome childhood memories. As I reminisce, I thought of channeling the 90s vibe by wearing a vintage top and denim jacket paired with stonewash denim shorts and combat booties.

Isn’t nostalgic? Get the look here:

Styled and Photographed by: Yours Truly


I am taking a short break on sharing outfit and rant post, hahaha. I’ve done something different in my everyday routine and I wanted to share it with you all. Just recently, I got bored in the office. You know that typical worker taking her lunch break alone and it is so booooooorrrrring(yawning). So instead of just sitting in my work station, I called my cousin and ask her if we can meet up lunch time. I feel like I wanted to go somewhere. An idea popped in my mind, “Pwede mo ba akong samahan mag-ukay”?  – asking my cousin if we can go thrift shopping. Since we only have 1 hour lunch break, we immediately checked out the nearest ukayan(here in Port Moresby).

Before I start showing off my recent haul at Ukayan, let me give a short introduction and why I love shopping at Ukay

What is Ukay?

It is secondhand apparels such as bags, clothes shoes and etc. being sold in a very cheap price. Ukay-ukay(UK) in Filipino language and derived from word halukay or act of digging since shoppers have to dig into pile of secondhand clothes. The store is called Ukayan or thrift store.

Why I shop at Ukay?

I am a thrifter for as long as I can remember, hahaha. Apart from Divisoria, I prefer to shop at Ukay. They are treasure trove of  branded pieces that you can add to your closet. It is most likely the clothes you’ll find are all in one and unique but very cheap. Price ranges to Php 5, Php 10, Php 50. I am sure that you can have a complete get up with Php 100. As a working girl, it’s a challenge for me to dress up everyday and I don’t want to spend too much money just to be fashionable. Kailangan maging praktikal, tipid tayo dapat bes.

Shopping at Ukay is like finding needle in a haystack. Just dig patiently, you’ll never know what buried goods await. Just like these gems I rummaged.

A striking one shoulder dress with a 70’s inspired ruffle. You can pair it with brown strappy slip ons and a fedora hat. Summer Vibe. Cost 6 Kina = Php 85

Cotton on Boho Dress. In Philippines, when you buy a dress from Cotton On, it’ll cost a thousands. I was lucky enough to find this dress in the rack. I got it for only 4 Kina = Php 60.

Turtle Neck Dress. The fabric that exactly like my turtle neck top from Bench(check my previous OOTD post) Cost 4 Kina = Php 60

Denim Oversized Top with puffy sleeve. Can pair with leggings. Cost 4 Kina = Php 60

Palazzo Pants and Maxi Skirt. They’re comfy to wear and can be paired with plain top and flats. Perfect when I have office runs. Cost 5 kina each = Php 75

Romper that can be worn over a white top or a denim jacket as cover up. Cost 3 Kina = Php 45.

Me and my cousin went back to Thrift Shop lunch time today(Friday). Naadik lang. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. And I scored these grunge pieces, bwahahaha.

Adventure Time Printed Leggings. Seriously? A 29 year old will wear this? Haha I don’t care what you think. It is super cool. Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and the rest of the characters are all printed in here. Cost 6 Kina = 80 Php

Basic Pink Top. I got it for only 1 Kina = Php 15. I’ll pair this with maxi skirt or Adventure Time Leggings

Denim Jacket. This is actually for my sister. I got it for her for only 2 Kina = Php 30.

TMNT Tee. Just so you know that I am obsessed with vintage tees especially when it’s printed with 90s Cartoon. They are memory from my childhood like this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cost 3 Kina = Php 45.

Last but definitely not the least, pair of booties. I’ve been scouting all over for an authentic Dr Martens and look what I’ve found somewhere in a dusty corner, Dr Martens-like-booties. It is destined to be mine ’cause it’s my size. There are some scratches but still in good condition. And guess what? It’s only 14 Kina = Php 210. Can I scream now? Hahaha

So there you go. These are the new precious things that I’m going to hang in my closet. I can’t wait to wear them and share it with you all. Nothing beats the feeling of looking at these things that I’ve taken home and realizing that I’ve got them in a very cheap price. I can say that am proud being practical. I am a type of girl who couldn’t careless about the brand and the price tag. ‘Cause for me it is being able to bring it no matter what brand and how cheap it is.

PS: I am not bragging here. I am just super happy with what I’ve got here.




You may think that wearing head-to-toe black outfit is like portraying Morticia Addams or like attending to funeral or even the goth aesthetic. But hey, let’s change that perspective.

Embracing this all-black-outfit I wore at the Fund Raising event in our Church as part of the committee. It represents beauty, elegance and formality.

It’s not obvious in this photo that I struggled on looking for the attire to perfectly suit the event. I actually pulled out my dresses, tops, and skirts in my closet and did a mix matching.

Worry No More

It looks like I am wearing dress but I am not. The black turtle neck top paired with black skirt made the illusion of like wearing a black dress. #fashionhack

Also, my belly isn’t obvious because wearing black makes me look skinny, hihihi. #fashionillussion

My Luna Bag to add up the all-black vibe.

Outfit Details

What do you think of my all black outfit? I feel confident and comfortable with it. I love it and hope you do too.

BTW, the Fund Raising Event is a success. God really make ways to meet all our needs.

Photo Credits: To my cousin Jaja

HMU: Yours Truly


She lives in fantasy, in the world that so unreal. She believes in everything. In all that she see, in all that she hear, in all that she feel.

A Prince promised her of forever. She believes in it. In all that she sees, in all that she hear, in all that she feel. 

But it was only her imagination. There’s no Prince, the Prince was never there, he’s just a ghost. She believed in it, in all that she saw, in all that she heard, in all that she felt.

She escaped in this fantasy, world that is so unreal, full of lies and broken promises. She took her shovel and burried all what she believed in, what she saw, what she heard, what she felt.

“She’s now finally awaken from her FANTASY”

Photograph and HMU: Yours Truly


I honestly don’t have any idea how to start off this entry after being on a hiatus before end of 2016. You can’t blame the Crazy Cat Lady after having her looooong vacation and you all know how I had fun. This is one of my backlog post from last year and I don’t know if I should call this as “DIY”. But I think I should, as I am proud to tell y’all that I organize a themed birthday party for myself. First off, here’s a little story.
I just turned 29 last 6th of December but I had to celebrate it in advance. I am scheduled to come back in PNG , 1st of December and so I decided to have my party, 26th of November. Few weeks before my pre-birthday celebration, I had some preparations with the help of my sister and his boyfie. This is actually my first to organize and I want to share some tips on how to organize a themed party on a budget.

CHOOSE A THEME. It seem unnecessary, but a themed birthday party will help you what decoration to buy, what cake and etc. I am a little bit “kikay” as per my friends(lol) so I’ve chosen the Coachella Theme. I had some research, it is likely a bohemian style and a mix of Indian, with flower crowns on their head, gold tattoos and dream catchers.

VENUE. The cheapest place of all is your home. So don’t think of renting or occupying a restaurant or any of the event place or whatsoever. Your home will always be your first option for a party venue.

MAKING AND SENDING INVITATION. Since we are talking about “on a budget” why not make your own invitation using your app on your phone. Just look what I did with my invitation.

I dowloaded this flower crown template on Google( Β© to the owner), this will be the background/design of the invitation. I thought of using the middle part of the template to put text on it. See this,

I used “PHONTO” app for the texts and objects on it (arrow) and chose my preferred font, which is more on cursives.   Oops, I forgot to tell that the color of texts should match with the color of your theme. Mine is Yellow, Pink and a touch of blue.

So after making your invitation, there is no need to print them out. You all know how the technology changed our lives. We can just send our inviations via social medias. Apart from saving money on spending ink and paper, we have also saved Mother Earth on reducing paper consumption. Oha!

It is only Family, other relatives, and close friends who I invited as this will be also my despedida party.

ORDERING YOUR CAKE. You must order your cake 1 week ahead of your birthday. I chose a Dream Catcher Cake to match with the theme and 2 dozen of cupcakes.

I like my idea of putting the cupcakes in the Ferris Wheel Stand. It adds up the Coachella vibe. I got them from Divisoria which cost Php 500 but I made tawad to ate so I got them for only Php400. Also, this can still be use for future parties or maybe can rent to others

We ordered this Dream Catcher Cake from Sweetiepatootie (click to check page). They are home based baking which offers made to order cakes, cupcakes and other pastries located at San Juan St. Sta Cruz, Cavite City and I highly recommend. Their fondant and frosting is not super sweet and kinda smooth. They also have a soft-sponge moist cake(I don’t know how to describe) and the cake lasts I think for a week. So far, one of the best cakes that I’ve tasted.


Dream Catcher Cake, Php 1,700

img_7032Cupcakes, Php 300 per Dozen

The arrow topper was just made by my Sister, Arlyn.

DECORATIONS AND OTHER PARTY NEEDS. I chose Yellow, Pink and Blue as color scheme for my party. Since I both have theme and chosen color, it is very easy to buy decoration and party needs. But wait, I did not buy all the decorations, but instead, I’ve looked something what I can use at home or what I can improvise.

I placed at the entrance my Mom’s pink bicycle I used as decor and can be a basket container for the flower crowns and gold tattoos. Flower crowns used by the guest as headpiece upon their arrival.


Bicycle – no cost

Flower Crown – Php 250/dozen, but got them for Php200/dozen at Divisoria

Party Signs and colored chalks – Php 30, bought from the nearest Public Market

My mom, sis and I set up this table for the menu and even put the decors.

Balloon Letter – Php 15.00 per letter, Divisoria

Colorful Buntings – I made them out of scrap or used constuction paper. So no cost, only labor.

Well of course I want the tablewares to match with the theme. Oops, I forgot to take photo of the plate.

Tablewares – Php 100.00/ 3 packs, Divisoria

I did not put on balloons, I don’t know why but I feel like I am too old for the balloons, haha but see this decor I put at the bar where the tablewares are.

Coluful Lanterns Medium Size Php 100/ 3 pieces

I am happy that I did not spend much money on buying party needs. ‘Cause most of  them are discounted. I suggest that to buy them in Divisoria especially if you’re buying bulks or wholesale.

MENU. I am proud to say that my Mom really cooks good food. Her specialty, Pork Hamonado and Chicken ala King is one of the best(JSYK). Her spagetti is one of the best too so I ask to have that spagetti on the menu.

Spagetti, Pancit, Puto and Fried Chicken , all were cooked by my Nanay. Thanks to my Nanay who prepared these foodies.

Valenciana – the known dish and called as Pagkain ng Bayan in our town General Trias, Cavite. Rice cooked in coconut milk and margarine with potatoes, raisins, belled pepper, pork and chicken. Php, 800/big bilao

Fresh Lumpia- not sure with the ingredients, but the only thing I am sure with is there’s carrots and turnips in there. Php 450.00/small bilao

Valenciana and fresh lumpia were both ordered because I don’t want my mom to cook all the menu. It’s too much for her.

GIVEAWAY. At first I thought of Chokers as giveaways but I realized that I have male guests too so I chose Dream Catcher instead.

I have been looking all over in Divi but I can’t find a small size or keychain size Dream Catcher. And guess where did I get all of these, I got them all in Boracay. They sell it for Php 35 so I had to talk to ate and make a deal. I ask ate what if I get 30pcs, how much will it be? Ate was just too nice, she gave the dream catcher for only Php20. So I got the 30pcs for Php600. Thanks to ate.

OUTFIT. I ask all the guest to go on with the vibe. Wear something floral or anything coachella style. Chokers, flower crown and ankle boots will do.


My sister from another mother, Gal Pal Macs.

My Childhood Bff, Anno

My beloved cousin, Chie

Of course, my one and only Sis.

As the birthday celebrant, I crowned myself with this gorgeous headpiece I got from Divi for only Php 90

Shame on those who think that I am living unhappy and boring life as I am still single, not married at the age of 29. I am telling you all this now, “I don’t regret anything at all”. Just look how I have been blessed and surrounded with amazing people.

I thank God for another year of my life. I know it’s too late to say this to y’all but I wanted to thank all those people who helped me to make this happen, my Nanay, Sis and her boyfie, thanks all for your efforts. To my family and friends who came, for those who didn’t, I know that we still have next time and I understand why you weren’t be able to come. To all my relatives in the US, you know how I wished that we’re all together to celebrate my Birthday. Let’s plan that next year, haha. To all who sent greetings and their wishes on Facebook, thanks all.

Well I hope that I helped you out with all my tips. If you’re planning to throw a themed party like this, the key is, have time on thinking, research and be creative.

For FAQ’s you can all leave your questions on the comment box section. Feel free to ask 😊😊




My blog has just celebrated it’s 1st Anniversary last Friday, September 2, 2016. I can’t believe, but it has been an entire year since I moved out to WordPress and started running CrazyCatLady’s Diaries. Hooray!

Today, I look  back and see what I’ve done and share with y’all. It was amazing how I’ve stayed and never neglected my blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who has been visiting, interacting and supporting in the past twelve months, not just by words but instead, hosting a GIVEAWAY. Yes, you read it right, I will be sharing/giving some goodies for free as part of giving thanks and celebrating my blog’s 1st anniversary.

So here’s the prize and mechanics:


  1. Canvass Zip Pouch from Cotton On
  2. Light Blue Bow Wallet from House of Kawaii
  3. Mascara from Cover Girl
  4. Ariel Inspired Choker, Double Wrap Choker and Beaded Bracelet from Oceanhues PH


To enter and to join this giveaway, you’ll just need to follow some instructions by clicking this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

For extra points,

1. Follow House of Kawaii on IG

2. Share/Repost this blog on your FB and tag 3 friends.

3. On the comment box section, leave your full name, IG name, FB name and the link of your shared post.

This giveaway is exclusively for Philippine resident only. Giveaway ends on 30th of September 2016. Winner will be chosen randomly by Rafflecopter and I will announce it on 1st of October 2016.

So Good Luck to y’all!