Hope you still remember me after being on hiatus for almost a year. Was reading some of my old posts and trying to get inspired again in writing. I even read my last post and ‘twas back in August last year? Oh no! But to my surprise, I still get views and likes although I don’t update this blog. Still well engage right?(kidding aside)

A lot happened in the past but I couldn’t squeeze in some thoughts and couldn’t find spare time to update how and what I have been doing(although others get update from me me on Facebook, lol) Or maybe, I am just too lazy to blog and I just wanted to spend time watching series on Netflix and vlogs in YT.

But anyway, I won’t do a lengthy post, I’ll save all my chikas on my next post. I guess, this is a sign that I’ll be back on blogging really SOON……

Chao 😘

4 thoughts on “A LITTLE UPDATE

  1. Hi Lin! I’m glad you are back. I’ve known you through the comments you make on my blog and a few of your posts and I noticed that, yes, you had not updated your blog, so it’s nice to hear from you again. 🙂

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