I am guessing that you have idea of what is this post gonna be about. Yes, the photo above says it all, I have a lot of Pokemon, just kidding, hahaha. Last September 2, I celebrated my 2nd Year on moving here in WordPress. Too little to late to post this right? But just like what they were always saying, it’s better late than never. Honestly, I’ve been working on this entry for more than 3 weeks. So why did it take so long? As usual, I got swamped with work these past few weeks and never got a chance to blog. Now, I am breaking this me-on-a-hiatus mode ’cause I don’t want to miss this memorable day of my blogging journey.

As I celebrate my 2nd Year here on WordPress, I am taking you a little trip down memory lane as I share you my incredible blogging experience.

How did I start Blogging?

I discovered blogging in 2005 where I write my personal thoughts. That’s when I couldn’t care less if anyone reads it or none at all because I only consider my blog as my online diary, haha. I only blog if I have rants and need to let go of my feelings or say something about my relationship issues especially when I am badly hurt, lol. I stayed on that blog of mine till 2010 and the only reason why I let go of that is because I’ve forgotten the password (shame on me). You know that I have memory like Dory, lol. I tried to recover it, but unfortunately, I’m unable to access it. Now, I laugh at my old self whenever I read my old posts (I can still read it when I search it using the search engine). But that’s me, that’s how I cope depression.

My Blogging Journey

In 2011, I’ve decided to enter again the world of blogging. But not to blog my personal issues in life, hahaha. It’s about fashion, haul and nail art. I’ve always love to share my outfits, what I recently purchase from shops or online, and to showcase my talent on how I paint my nails. Yes, I did all of that and got 30 followers. I know that it is only a small number of followers but it doesn’t matter to me as long as I am happy with what I am doing and I received positive comments and good number of readers – that’s all that matters. That’s when I also started meeting other Pinay Bloggers and I got to interact with them. And after another three years of blogging, I’ve neglected my blog because of moving abroad and focusing with my career (weh?).  So I was on hiatus for 2 years and taken a well-earned break from my blog.

2015 when I made a “come back on blogging”. But, I gave up my fashion blog and moved to WordPress. Just to make the story short, I won’t explain in this post why I moved to WordPress, but instead, I’m giving you this link explaining why I’ve decided to move: click here

I named my blog as “Crazy Cat Lady’s Diaries”. I couldn’t think of any blog name so I named it how I describe myself. I love cats and I love to write, JSYK. I was trying to be serious on blogging as I turned out my blog as, fashion-photography-diy-travel blog (yeah I know too many categories). Long story short, this unpredictable mind of mine decided to change the blog name once again and thought of revamping it (read my official announcement here). I felt CCLD is becoming inappropriate to what I am writing. So how will the readers goin’ to recognize my blog if I confuse them with blog name with its inappropriate content? It should be at least about cats or being a cat mama or about cat parenting or whatsoever. So I made a decision of changing it from Crazy Cat Lady’s Diaries to Lin Against the World.

What is Lin Against the World all about?

You may think using the word “against” means hating the world but it is NOT. It actually means conquering things no matter what life throws me, how to win a battle no matter how difficult the situation is. This blog is about my life, it’s all about me.

As I continue running this blog, I’ve met more bloggers around the world. I have a growing number of followers despite I don’t regularly update it. Just recently, I’ve reached 100+ followers and constantly receiving positive feedbacks and likes. Let’s take a look back at some of my post that I consider as “popular posts” because of having more than 10 likes, hihihi. You can click each link for recap 🙂

Do not get me wrong of what I am saying here but I am not bragging. I am just proud of what I’ve achieved in this blogging journey. It’s a slow progress but I know that I’ll get on to it (someday). I am still thankful and that inspire me to continue and never give up on blogging.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who’s been following, interacting and continuously reading my blog. It means so much to me and you’ve made me believe that I can go far. You are all the reason why I keep running and motivates me not to abandon this blog. To God, thank you for the wisdom and strength You’ve always given me.