I skipped work, prepared myself, hopped in to the car and headed to Thirty Seconds to Mars Concert. I was wearing 30STM shirt, denim ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers. I was bursting with excitement, like a kid on his first time in the carnival, I don’t know how to explain that feeling. Maybe it’s because I know that I will meet JARED LETO??Telling to myself, “Now I will have a chance to meet him and the rest of the band”.

I arrived at the concert venue late in the afternoon. I was nervous of going into the meet and greet, I might faint, lol. But this is my chance, so I waited patiently.


After MARS spoke to us a bit, we lined up and to get our posters and CDs signed. Jared was rushing through autographs. Finally, it’s my turn to get mine signed. He looked at me with his ferocious blue eyes. I got star-struck and in cloud 9. He smiled and shook hands with me. My heart is pounding out of my chest and got me at a loss for words. ‘Come on Lin, this is your chance to talk to him” I whispered to myselfI did not have hesitations to talk to him and so I did:

Me talking to Jared:

“Thank you Jared for this amazing opportunity. I’ve waited for so long and it’s incredibly life experience meeting you and the rest of the band(Shannon and Tomo). You know what, I’ve wrote in my blog about you to tell people that I like you and who you are, I hope you read it. Can I have a photo with you?”

Jared responded “YES”.

I was crying because of happiness – tears of joy. I was like “Up in the Air” feeling. I got my camera, I am really close to Jared. I’m about to click the camera, I heard an alarm, and everybody is rushing and shouting, “Time’s up, the concert will start”. I was disappointed, they did not let me to at least have a short time to get a photo with Jared 😦

I opened my eyes and I found myself lying in my bed. The alarm that I heard is my phone reminding me that I need to get up. I realized that I was just only dreaming. “Damn, I thought it’s real, I thought it’s really happening. If I knew that I was only dreaming, I shouldn’t have woken up when I heard the alarm.”

It’s a funny story, hahaha I know and even though it “Was a Dream”, at least I got to meet Jared Leto. I always keep this in my mind that “one day maybe we’ll meet again”  cause I am going to “MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY”.

Photo CTTO



One thought on “I MET JARED LETO

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