Back in 2005 when we don’t have our own computer in the house, I usually go and rent at the Computer Shop just few walks from our house. That’s also when Youtube got introduced to me and I always watch music videos of my favorite band/singer and at the same time, listening to the music. Back then, I also discovered vlog. I am sure that you are familiar with vlog or video blog. Vlog is recorded by blogger to intentionally deliver the information that they purposely introduce to people. It’s blogger’s way to express what they wanted to tell rather than just writing. It’s either product review vlog, “how to” vlog, travel vlog and make up vlog. Just few of my favorite vlogs that I usually watch on Youtube. I got fascinated by Vlogging and it is one of the things I wanted to do. I’ve always thought of that it would be super cool  if I have my own YouTube Channel. I got curious and I had conversation with a blogger friend who happen to share her a vlog recently and I asked,  “Is it easy to vlog?” she answered, “It’s just like talking to yourself”.  A question popped in my mind, “Am I really wanted to do this?”. To be honest, it’s not easy for me although I have experience in editing clips.  #1 I am not confident, I may look awkward on video, #2 I can speak English but not super fluent, I might struggle on delivering the script, #3 I am afraid of people, who will judge, criticize, and say negative things about my video and I don’t want it to happen. Those 3 things are holding me back. But why I don’t give it a try?

Just last weekend, I took photos for my Project #OOTD(see post here). But before taking photos, I put make up and thought of filming it. So I got my phone and set it up. While setting it up, I’m thinking of just taking a normal video or use time lapse. I decided to use time lapse so my video will be in fast motion and I’ll just add music on it. I’ve expected that my video will be in a normal speed but I was wrong. See how my video came up with.


It is totally fail, hahaha. From 20 minutes normal time of duration to 34 seconds. That was too fast and you wouldn’t even know how did I put the make up and what products I used. Although that it’s a failed attempt, I am still proud of it ’cause it reminds me that I’ve tried vlogging and I know in myself that this isn’t the last that I’ll try and explore it because, I’ve learn 3 things: #1Do not be afraid to fail, #2 It’s ok to fail but but never ever fail to try and  last, #3 Do not use time lapse, haha.





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