Whenever I hear “slip wear”, I always think of something slinky and sexy. They tend to look exactly like lingerie. Not to mention, it reminiscent of 90s fashion. Yes, 90s fashion is coming back in style this 2017 and I am sure you know about it. Yay! It is my favorite trend of all because it reminds me of my childhood days.

If you’re following me on instgram(@lingoongeung) I am sure that you’ve already seen me wearing this slip dress that I scored from “ukay”. It is best worn if you layered it over a round neck shirt or a turtle neck. 

Layered with Turtle Neck

I can be grunge in this outfit if only I wore booties or oxfords but I don’t think that it’ll be appropriate to where I am going.

I wore this outfit when I attended our Sunday Service yesterday. I wanted to be simple and not to overdress so I paired it with my fringe slip on plus my Luna Bag.

Outfit Details

I will end this post with outfit details. And also, credit to my cousin Jerr for patiently taking these pics.





Something happened yesterday. I still can’t get over about it so I decided to write this and share with y’all

It was around 7:00 am in PNG (5:00 am PH Time)when I received message from my sister(she’s in Philippines). I was wondering why is she emailing me early in the morning. I mean, it is not the usual time for her to wake up. I thought of like something happened and they wanted to inform me so I checked her message.

Her: “Ate”(big sister)

         “Someone door-belled at 2:00 am, midnight”.

         “I was scared so I sneaked and no one is there”.

I was worried on her first message and I thought of these things: The house where they’re staying is haunted like there’s a ghost something like that or a criminal trying to worm that house and they’ll get robbed. I felt a bundle of nerves whenever I think of what is happening nowadays(referring to PH). I was gonna ask her who might be doing it. But instead of asking her, I continued reading her message.

Her: “I checked the CCTV to find out who it was”.

I was actually expecting that she’ll mention a name. BUT…………

 Her: “……….and I found out that it’s a CAT”.

Hahahahaha, I died laughing because I imagined my sister that she did not get enough sleep. She woke up very early to review the CCTV and only to find out that a cat jumped in to the wall where the doorbell is. Just imagine that, hahahahah. Thanks to the CCTV, we discovered who the burglar is.

Now I know that the doorbell isn’t just for human but for cats too, hahahaha.

Ok case closed.





I skipped work, prepared myself, hopped in to the car and headed to Thirty Seconds to Mars Concert. I was wearing 30STM shirt, denim ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers. I was bursting with excitement, like a kid on his first time in the carnival, I don’t know how to explain that feeling. Maybe it’s because I know that I will meet JARED LETO??Telling to myself, “Now I will have a chance to meet him and the rest of the band”.

I arrived at the concert venue late in the afternoon. I was nervous of going into the meet and greet, I might faint, lol. But this is my chance, so I waited patiently.


After MARS spoke to us a bit, we lined up and to get our posters and CDs signed. Jared was rushing through autographs. Finally, it’s my turn to get mine signed. He looked at me with his ferocious blue eyes. I got star-struck and in cloud 9. He smiled and shook hands with me. My heart is pounding out of my chest and got me at a loss for words. ‘Come on Lin, this is your chance to talk to him” I whispered to myselfI did not have hesitations to talk to him and so I did:

Me talking to Jared:

“Thank you Jared for this amazing opportunity. I’ve waited for so long and it’s incredibly life experience meeting you and the rest of the band(Shannon and Tomo). You know what, I’ve wrote in my blog about you to tell people that I like you and who you are, I hope you read it. Can I have a photo with you?”

Jared responded “YES”.

I was crying because of happiness – tears of joy. I was like “Up in the Air” feeling. I got my camera, I am really close to Jared. I’m about to click the camera, I heard an alarm, and everybody is rushing and shouting, “Time’s up, the concert will start”. I was disappointed, they did not let me to at least have a short time to get a photo with Jared 😦

I opened my eyes and I found myself lying in my bed. The alarm that I heard is my phone reminding me that I need to get up. I realized that I was just only dreaming. “Damn, I thought it’s real, I thought it’s really happening. If I knew that I was only dreaming, I shouldn’t have woken up when I heard the alarm.”

It’s a funny story, hahaha I know and even though it “Was a Dream”, at least I got to meet Jared Leto. I always keep this in my mind that “one day maybe we’ll meet again”  cause I am going to “MAKE THIS DREAM A REALITY”.

Photo CTTO



Back in 2005 when we don’t have our own computer in the house, I usually go and rent at the Computer Shop just few walks from our house. That’s also when Youtube got introduced to me and I always watch music videos of my favorite band/singer and at the same time, listening to the music. Back then, I also discovered vlog. I am sure that you are familiar with vlog or video blog. Vlog is recorded by blogger to intentionally deliver the information that they purposely introduce to people. It’s blogger’s way to express what they wanted to tell rather than just writing. It’s either product review vlog, “how to” vlog, travel vlog and make up vlog. Just few of my favorite vlogs that I usually watch on Youtube. I got fascinated by Vlogging and it is one of the things I wanted to do. I’ve always thought of that it would be super cool  if I have my own YouTube Channel. I got curious and I had conversation with a blogger friend who happen to share her a vlog recently and I asked,  “Is it easy to vlog?” she answered, “It’s just like talking to yourself”.  A question popped in my mind, “Am I really wanted to do this?”. To be honest, it’s not easy for me although I have experience in editing clips.  #1 I am not confident, I may look awkward on video, #2 I can speak English but not super fluent, I might struggle on delivering the script, #3 I am afraid of people, who will judge, criticize, and say negative things about my video and I don’t want it to happen. Those 3 things are holding me back. But why I don’t give it a try?

Just last weekend, I took photos for my Project #OOTD(see post here). But before taking photos, I put make up and thought of filming it. So I got my phone and set it up. While setting it up, I’m thinking of just taking a normal video or use time lapse. I decided to use time lapse so my video will be in fast motion and I’ll just add music on it. I’ve expected that my video will be in a normal speed but I was wrong. See how my video came up with.


It is totally fail, hahaha. From 20 minutes normal time of duration to 34 seconds. That was too fast and you wouldn’t even know how did I put the make up and what products I used. Although that it’s a failed attempt, I am still proud of it ’cause it reminds me that I’ve tried vlogging and I know in myself that this isn’t the last that I’ll try and explore it because, I’ve learn 3 things: #1Do not be afraid to fail, #2 It’s ok to fail but but never ever fail to try and  last, #3 Do not use time lapse, haha.





She lives in fantasy, in the world that so unreal. She believes in everything. In all that she see, in all that she hear, in all that she feel.

A Prince promised her of forever. She believes in it. In all that she sees, in all that she hear, in all that she feel. 

But it was only her imagination. There’s no Prince, the Prince was never there, he’s just a ghost. She believed in it, in all that she saw, in all that she heard, in all that she felt.

She escaped in this fantasy, world that is so unreal, full of lies and broken promises. She took her shovel and burried all what she believed in, what she saw, what she heard, what she felt.

“She’s now finally awaken from her FANTASY”

Photograph and HMU: Yours Truly


Thank God it’s Friday. Friday always reminds me that the following day is weekend, when I can relax, chill and won’t be thinking about work. I always imagine that I’ll get stuck on Weekend, watching movie, cook, eat, sleep and then Saturday, Sunday and Saturday again. But hello, the reality is there’s Weekdays(sigh) and you need to work so you’ll survive(adulting). Ok no more complaints from me and I’ll move on, hihi.

Today, I am back with outfit post. I can’t remember when was my last OOTD post. And it is not only myself who’s back but also my Skull Leggings. I found it together with my old clothes that I am planning to sell. And you know what, I nearly dump this precious leggings of mine. Just so you know, I have this leggings for 5 years and it’s one of my favorite. I featured this leggings twice already here in blog and after ages, I am wearing it again.

Outfit Details

Our office doesn’t require to wear a decent or office attire every Friday so I can be just casual or plain. I paired my skull leggings with a shirt dress ’cause for me, they are great combination.

I don’t have a full outfit photo so I had to take a separate photo of what shoes I am wearing.

Sandals | Toms

How do you like my badass leggings?

That’s all for now. I’m up to preparing a Life Lately post and video of our recent trip to Koitaki Papua New Guinea. Promise I’ll post them the soonest. Hope you have an awesome weekend.